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Rum Doings Episode 74: He Can Be A Cub

by on Jun.16, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

In episode 74 of Rum Doings we don’t discuss whether celebrity is good for democracy. But we do drink gingerbread cream liqueur. It’s also the third and final episode containing Judge Martin Coxcombe, who will finally rule on whether John Walker is allowed.

Thoughts appear on stag dos, and then there’s a splendid foray into making up facts. Something Nick doesn’t quite get. We get all serious about anti-Semitism, less so about night terrors, riddles, and video toasters. Is John a bear? Does his Gay Day contribute to that? Are brown eyed people normal? And how does Judge Coxcombe finally rule on John?

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12 Comments for this entry

  • Arthur

    “when is something sharp not sharp.”

    When it’s a cheese.

  • Quinn

    Speaking of Stephen Fry, the show he did a couple years ago, Last Chance to See, is very good.

  • Gassalasca

    Sour and bitter are at best 50% similar. That is, sour things are usually bitter too, but many things are just bitter, with no acidity that comes from low PH value, which is the differentia specifica that defines sourness.

  • trellism

    Re cycle helmets. It’s true that there’s no real evidence.that they reduce serious injury. What is true is that car drivers like seeing cyclists wearing them. The AA campaigns for helmets to be worn. One might posit that a driver gives a cyclist decked out in safety gear less room and less attention than one poddling along in tweed with one trousers leg rolled up.

    You are quite an aggressive driver so I can see how you’d be behind helmets, it makes you feel that they are less vulnerable.

    A helmet will not save you if you’ve been dragged under a lorry – I think one cyclist a week dies this way. They are very, very vulnerable, helmet or not.

  • MrsTrellis

    Ps I didn’t mean aggressive as in nasty cyclist squasher, more like “assertive”…

  • Jambe

    I’ll miss Mr. Coxall’s adjudication. =(

  • Ben

    If you are a woman or don’t wear a helmet (ideally both), drivers will give you a lot more space. So not wearing a helmet could actually prevent your needing one in the first place.

  • MrsTrellis

    I think that’s true. Appearing to be competent is probably a mistake, especially when cycling in London.

    So, a long skirt, Pashley Princess with basket, bell and no helmet?

  • mister k

    I found Space 2001 a bit dull to be honest. Its pretty, certainly, but theres not much going on for a loooot of the film, and thanks to having seen it in the context of tributes to it in other films the space ballet just isn’t terribly interesting to watch. The stuff with Hal is of course, splendid, and the icy suspense is just great. I have the Kubrick boxset, although have yet to get round to watching Eyes Wide Shut and Lolita thus far.

    I rather enjoyed my stag do, which involved getting drunk with some very good friends around Cambridge (that is, we got drunk in Cambridge. The friends weren’t from Cambridge. Well, some were). We somehow managed to avoid nude ladies, or having myself sellotaped to a lampost, or whatever it is the kids are doing these days.

  • Xercies

    I kind of liked 2001, there are definitely some moments that could be cut to a smaller length, the whole ship docking and the LSD sequence come to mind but other then that I wasn’t really that bored when I watched it. And the final bit is totally WTF in a good way.

  • Daniel Rivas

    It is perhaps the most tedious film ever made.

  • Colthor

    A friend’s stag do involved a club that had a strip show as one of the acts. It was one of the most fascinatingly unerotic things I’ve ever witnessed.