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Rum Doings Episode 71: Every Wee Time Will Be A Treat Time

by on May.20, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

It’s episode 71 of Rum Doings. Do you need more information? Oh.

Nick and John forget how their own running jokes work, then Nick forgets how jokes work. We have rather an intelligent chat about physics (disclaimer: not true), Nick’s synesthesia gets out of control, and we regale you with tales of book shopping. Do blind people appreciate black? For some reason we talk about Fawlty Towers, what we’ll tell our children about death, Nick accuses John of murder (again), and then move on to smelling wee.

Long-suffering fiancée Laura had better prepare for her Rum Doings exam if she wants to get married, we learn of Dexter’s immortality, and the deadline for the holocaust. And cat sick. And find out that John’s a racist.

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21 Comments for this entry

  • RQH

    Blue Moon is excellent, and the only way I will abide an orange.

  • kalidanthepalidan

    Colorado makes some nice beer. Often if you take the Coors tour in Golden you can get very fresh Blue Moon in the bar. Quite tasty.

    If your market happens to have othe American beers you should keep your eye out for anything brewed by Averys, especially White Rascal.

  • Alex B

    Interestingly enough, Blue Moon was the first beer I purchased in a pub, on my 18th – And all because of Rum Doings. I had listened to the podcast in which you named it your favourite beer the day before; when asked what I’d like, I panicked and scanned the bar for a recognisable drink.

    It was quite tasty.

  • Aaron G

    I also had a similar experience, Alex. I tried some of that Crabbie’s ginger beer after hearing about it on the podcast. It was most delicious!

  • Colthor

    Electric cars aren’t as futuristic as you’d think – they were made and commercially available even before 1900. The first car to break 100kM/h was electric.

    Dad used to have a (figurative) party trick where he’d throw a cigarette into a tray of petrol to put it out. Apparently it only went wrong once – I guess it was a warm day and the tray had been sitting around long enough for a nice layer of fumes to form – and even that wasn’t as spectacular as you’d hope. It just caught fire and was a bit surprising.

  • Alex

    I’ve had adopted stray cats that had no impulse control when it came to food, but the most ferocious eater I’ve known was the regular store-bought kitten my sister got. She’d gobble down a normal portion quickly enough to make herself throw up and then she’d try to angle her way into the other cats’ bowls. We ended up spreading the kibble on the floor over a wide area to slow her down.

  • Gassalasca

    I must say, I am completely with Nick when it comes to coke and lemon.

  • Xercies

    Petrol IS very nice to smell, That’s why I’ve always liked going to petrol stations.

  • George

    Petrol on a cold day, ozone, summer rain and freshly-laid tarmac are the best smells.
    As for coke and lemon – I’d like to eat the lemon afterwards, but it’s usually stuck at the bottom of the glass and a bit tricky to get to.
    Regarding beer – I tried Crabbie’s after you chaps mentioned it and it’s lovely! I’ll have to look out for Blue Moon.

  • mister k

    Nick is of course correct on coke, it should be icey to reduce the overpowerful flavour. I actually tend to eat my lemon pre-coke, as I’m not a fan of lemony coke, although I can be.

    I’ve never tried blue moon, although love Hoegaarden (I feel like I might have commented this before)

  • scwilko

    Was it in this episode you were musing on the best time for children to find out about death? I forget; I’ve been playing catch-up.

    The best time to tell them is of course when they’re old enough to ask. I find this works well enough for most of the big questions, only the level of detail driven by the child’s age.

    (And what you must never, ever do—no matter the question—is say “just because” or “because it just is”. I’d rather parents lie than say that; at least there’s a small chance their kids’ wonderful concern won’t be dulled by repeated laziness to think of an honest-yet-tactful answer.)

  • Nick Mailer

    scwilko: surely one eventually has to concede that nobody yet knows certain answers, and suggest that maybe as the child grows up, he will help to discover these answers?

  • scwilko

    Of course; there’s nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know”, especially if it leads to having fun with potential solutions. It’s the finality, the closing of that door of inquiry that I dislike. And you should too.

  • Gassalasca

    Also, oddly, not only did I enjoy Men Behaving Badly when it originally ran (I was but a schoolboy back then), but I liked it each subsequent time I watched it. I suppose the nostalgia factor must play a big part in it.
    But I agree with John on Fawlty Towers; I did not particularly like it, and barely remember any of it now.

  • Nick Mailer

    At some point, epistemology runs out and one is left with the purely existential.

  • MrsTrellis

    Crabbe’s Ginger Beer contains a hefty hit of artificial sweeteners, so that’s why people like it so much, it tastes like cheap pop.

    M&S do an alcoholic ginger beer in conjunction with Fentimans, it’s a proper grown up drink, not an alcopop marketed at people who pretend they don’t like alcopops.

  • George

    @ MrsTrellis – ah yes, I forget the name of that ginger beer but I have had that and it certainly is nicer than Crabbie’s. It tastes more beery than Crabbie’s, but not knowing the name makes it difficult to recommend to people!

  • George

    Ah, just found out the name – it’s called Hollows.

  • Daniel Rivas

    The smell of petrol always made me feel ill—what is it that attracts you all to it, exactly?

  • Jordan Rivas

    Lemon and coke was always pitched to me as a weird sort of remedy for an upset stomach and as such I associate it with a kind of silly wives’ tale. Also: I don’t like coke.

  • Alex B

    I will walk down to the petrol station tomorrow and stay there for 5 minutes or so. For science, of course.