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Rum Doings Episode 70: Cobras Enter

by on May.13, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Why, it’s episode 70 of Rum Doing, where we’re joined by very special guest, the late John Walker. This week we don’t discuss the lessons we’ve learned from the electorate about the tough choices we’ve had to make in dealing with the economic mess that Labour have left us to deal with.

We talk about the return of Adam & Joe, which brings us onto Nick’s plan for a movie where nothing goes wrong. There’s detailed discussions of the nature of scones, and what should replace “obey” in marriage vows. And then, well, I’m sorry – we have a nice long discussion about John’s bumhole. Therefore of course we move on to the wholesome topic of suppositories. And having fingers stuck up your bum! Make sure to listen to this episode while eating.

What’s your favourite biscuit? Is probably our lowest ebb. But it at least brings us to something of some vague substance, as Nick tries to explain his issues with the SNP. And how rubbish Laura is. She says “haitch”. Ew. We tell off people for their autobiography names, South African races, and other waffle.

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  • Laura

    Despite the attacks I have endured during this podcast, I would like to rise above the presenter’s scathing tongues to share how much I enjoyed Nick’s accents during this episode. And when he did the South African accent, I actually fell in love with him. Sorry Victoria. And John.

  • mister k

    Such an indictment of Joe.. I have to admit that the trailer for Attack the Block is not promising, but it has had some good buzz here and there.

    I have to admit to not looking forward to a discussion of John’s bumhole, having long since tired of Herring’s utter obsession with anal sex as something thats funny in of itself (every single time he talks about bumming Andrew Collings it makes me want to scream), but the chat was less unpleasent than I’d expected. Having suffered a doctors attentions there myself, I have to admit its not a terribly enjoyable experience, with the doctor saying sorry every time I might a sound of discomfort, it was very strange.

    On scottish nationalism, I feel like top down democracy is often a bad idea, and that a bit more localism to politics is necessary:its the reason the US sticks together, I think, despite having utterly disparate politics from one state to another, and its something we really need here. Scotland does have that already though, and having it as a seperate state seems like a step backwards, certainly. I do think of coruse that the 80s are indicative of the problems with our voting system (yes, ‘m brining it up!), because despite a majority of people voting against Thatcher, she ruled with a massive parliamentary mandate. And that caused the disaffection we see now.

  • Gassalasca

    I think of all the RD episodes, this one had the most laugh out loud moments.

  • Geetoo

    Interview from Joe Cornish in the Evening Standard:

    “I thought, what would happen if something like that [alien invasion] happened during my mugging? Those kids who some people are frightened of would suddenly become quite important – suddenly all their strengths would be usable for a good reason. People call these kids monsters, they call them feral, they call them animalistic, they say they’ve got no morals or values and all they care about is territory and competiveness. So what if there was a creature that was really like that and you pitted the kids against it? The aim was to bring out the humanity and character in these kids by facing them off against something that was genuinely all those things.”

  • Nick Mailer

    “The aim was to bring out the humanity and character in these kids”.

    Oh, do excuse me. I appear to have vomited.

  • Jordan Rivas

    American observation: ‘zed’ is OK but ‘haitch’ is not?

    I’m all for zed, for the record.

  • Graham

    I don’t think I have laughed as hard at Rum Doings yet as when John was talking about his negative bottom experience.

  • Daniel Rivas

    I agree with Jordan. And aitch sounds ridiculous, except when the elision is required as in PhD. See also: “an ‘istorian”. Disgusting.

  • Alex

    I think the Haitch thing just comes down to how often you hear it. A lot of francophones here add Hs to their words when speaking in Hainglish.

    Adding Rs, on the other hand, is something that sounds completely weird to me. Accents that drop Rs sound perfectly fine, but adding them where they don’t belong is really jarring. It was a running joke in my family when the first TV adaptation of Nikita was on the air to call it “Nikitor.” I don’t even remember which character pronounced it that way, but the extra R is the clearest thing I memory I have of the whole show.

  • Lewis Denby

    The Kirsty MacColl thing was even more tragic, perhaps: it wasn’t she who fell of the boat, but her son who was in trouble. She had dived into the path of the boat to try to rescue him.

  • Mike McQuaid

    Nice podcast. Interesting to hear your views on the SNP. Having just finished The War Of The World documentary I do understand suspiciousness of nationalism and it’s potential to turn nasty. I really don’t think this is the case in Scotland, however, as the goal seems to be to build a more liberal and tolerant society than a Conservative government is Westminster will permit. On this basis I’ll cautiously support independence as it will take far more than just independence for it to go awry. In addition, Scotland being financed by England depends on what studies you read and how your crunch the numbers, much like its post-independence prospects. I’m personally willing and happy to pay more taxation for a more liberal society here.