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Rum Doings Easter Holiday

by on Apr.23, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Sorry about the lack of Rum Doings. It’s because I’m a terrible person*.

Now, if Nick would only agree to visit Bath we could record a new one.

*was in America, then working 15 hour days all the following week.


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  • Ryan Hood

    We love you anyway.

  • Edgar the Peaceful

    *Whines* Oh Niii-uuu-iiick. Visit Bath, lazy sod. Adam and Joe are supplanting you in my affections.

  • scalywg

    sno xcues – were all trible pple (sic)

  • Tom

    Hurry, you fools – I’ve run out of podcasts to listen to while playing Sins.

    Speaking of which, can anyone link me to some other good ones? Googling for lists of the them tends to yield only mass-appeal results.

  • David

    Drat, was hoping to here what you thought of the Easter Who.

  • Tom

    Hmmm, my comment is still ‘awaiting moderation’ while a later one has gone through.

    Sorry if it seems like unreasonable whinging, obviously it’s not sincerely meant that way. Feel free to delete it and/or this one – I won’t cry very much at all.

  • NM

    The Adam and Joe 6 Music podcasts, if you don’t already.