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Rum Doings Episode 65: I Want Micturition Now

by on Mar.25, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Filled with the spirit of Spring, in episode 65 of Rum Doings we don’t discuss whether we’ve forgotten the true meaning of Easter. Then almost immediately start complaining about how rubbish schools are. And urinals. In fact, there’s much wee-wee discussion, including an innovative idea for bed weeing.

Also, wow, we have way more listeners than we thought. You’re one of around 10,000 people, so thank you so much for all the word-spreading you’ve done. Keep going, we may become famous or something. Nick’s too bashful to talk about that for long, so we move onto the Kickstarter project to create an open score for Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

We raise our issues with Comic Relief, discuss Prince Philip, and then spend a good long while proving some very silly factoids wrong.

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  • Arthur

    We obviously didn’t have the Walker crisps comedy relief in America, but we sometimes have stuff like it. Dove Saves Wildlife, Tide Loads of Hope, or hell, anything that’s sold during national breast cancer month. You guys think the goal is to make it so that giving money is a showy event, but it seems more insidious than that. It seems like what corporations would like you to do is conflate the act of purchasing a product with the act of giving to charity. I can’t imagine anything better for the bottom line than to confuse people into thinking that purchasing an iPod is the same thing as giving actual money to a charity.

    My father in his youth once met a man who was explaining to my father’s co-workers the dangers of Coke. He had pictures of raw meat that had been sitting in Coke overnight, and the meat had been disintegrated or some such. The man claimed that that was what coke was doing to your stomach every time you drank it. When my father pointed out that your stomach has much more powerful acids than coke would ever be, apparently the man’s response was to pack his pictures up wordlessly and just leave, which always struck me as a funny image.

  • mister k

    Good stuff. When I was younger I had a book called “Crazy but True”. At the time I was young enough to believe that the title would be accurate, and that the author couldn’t possibly be mistaken, so had to believe that a young lady had become impregnated by a gentleman’s private parts being shot off and hitting her…. The internet brought with it snopes, and some of my first englightenment about the amount of nonsense most people will believe.

    I have actually been told off by my wife for questioning a “fact” that she has told me… I just want the source, which is invariably someone else who told her…

  • mister k

    I failed to mention this in my previous comment, but considering your stats, have you thought about a donation button? Considering Nick’s argument for patronage, it doesn’t seem that odd to me to at least cover your losses on this fine podcast.

  • Coccyx

    Aw,now I feel less special.

  • scalywg

    I agree – a donation button to cover costs (etal)is not crazy…is it not just another form of kickstarting…?

    Also – a business adress where we can send donations of Rum from
    and self portraits

  • laddy_gaga

    I tried the Coke thing many years ago. It didn’t work but the Coke was delicious. I returned the tooth to my grandfather.

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