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Rum Doings Episode 52

by on Dec.03, 2010, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Nick’s going to kill me.

In Rum Doings Episode 52, where we don’t discuss why oh why the Russians have stolen our football, Nick and John weren’t able to meet up. Due to interventions by the weather, illness, and her royal majesty the Queen, this week’s episode was record in two separate locations, on our own. Because Skype is awful, and everyone should stop suggesting it.

So we begin with Nick’s monologue, in which he discusses colds, Kickstarter, and ideas for revolutionising the distribution of classical music. He postulates on how billionaires should be spending their money for the better good, and what is a word? You can read the essay he mentions here.

Then it’s John’s turn. He discusses Rum Doings fans, Batman, science, outlandish racism, and the coexistence of dinosaurs and man. Learn how dinosaurs were vegetarians, who loves Nick, and which famous people were lucky enough to meet John yesterday. (And sorry to my friends who listen, whom I have remembered since.)

Let’s see how cross Nick gets.

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  • Alex Bakke

    Oh my.

  • Nick Mailer

    John is very naughty.

  • Alex Bakke


  • Xercies

    That kickstarter sight looks absolutely magnificent, I’m so glad something like that exists in this world.

  • RQH

    Batman should invest in a kickstarter project.

  • Jambe

    Unprecedented! Not in the history of Rum Doingsing has such an event occurred!

    I liked it. Musopen is interesting. Those who like Nick’s treatise on IP should check out Lawrence Lessig’s books (they’re all available for free or for purchase). Nick cites his Free Culture in the aforementioned essay. All interesting stuff.

    There is a saddled Triceratops at the Creation Museum. I almost like religious folk when they get that crazy (apart from the hatefulness and oppressiveness of some of their views, of course). They’re almost adorably intransigent. Ken Ham (the proprietor of Kentucky’s famed shrine to lunacy) is especially hilarious.

  • Colthor

    I really enjoyed Nick’s half of the podcast. He’s much calmer when John’s not winding him up. It seems John’s a bad influence.

    As demonstrated by his half, although it was funny. What’s happened to Kieron’s voice? Is that just how he sounds when recorded with a decent microphone?

  • Jambe

    Also, Laura’s conversation with the older diabetic fellow interested me. His gawking at her being a Christian scientist was unnecessary but it wasn’t a moot point.

    I believe scientists are more atheist/agnostic than the general population (I’ve seen studies which suggest such, as least in the US). One assumes exposure to the skepticism of scientific frameworks leads scientists to apply similar skepticism to religion, and thus said religion is lost or reinterpreted. A Christian scientist, one assumes, must be aware of differences between their belief in the fantastic bits of their religion and their belief in any other phenomena. The often-used example is “if a man on the street told you he had just come alive after being dead for three days, would you be inclined to believe him?”

    I asked John on formspring how he reconciled his skepticism with his religion and he said his answer wouldn’t be satisfactory. He was right; skepticism and faith are not reconcilable. I think John pointed toward this when he recently told Nick that spiritual fulfillment wasn’t an intellectual exercise (or words to that effect). The implication is that the intellectual and spiritual realms are NOMA, but Dawkins turned that particular pan into a colander years ago.

    So, yeah, making light of a stranger’s religion is just not nice, but being a Christian scientist is profoundly different than being a diabetic scientist.

  • Tom

    Nick sounds like a late night chat radio host. One whom you could listen to for hours.

  • Anthropax

    I liked the format – letting Laura speak this time was lovely, though I can only picture her as Dobby from ‘Peep Show’ – I presume they aren’t one and the same?

  • Xercies

    Usually don’t people say bestest as a kind of “I’m talking like a child” joke? If so then i wouldn’t really consider that a proper word.

    I agree Nick definitely seemed calmer and he could get his points across a lot more…To be honest controversially i could have listened to Nick ramble on for 50 minutes and been fine with it. He has a really soothing voice and very intelligent and has got some wit.

  • Arthur

    Laura should just always be on the show, she’s a good egg. And her impression of Nick’s “No, No, No!” was spot on.

  • mister k

    That was quite splendid, and superior to the Collings and Herring original. I do wonder about John’s security here- was he afraid to stand on his own two feet/vocal cords?

  • Alex

    I was really glad to hear that people watch Community. What other show could pull off setting high-speed chase, complete with an interruption by a parade, inside a giant pillow fort?

  • John Walker

    While I think Nick’s half was superb, I’m a little confused that peoe think it’s my fault that he’s not normally like that on the podcast. Nick is the saboteur of our conversations, not me! It was quite fun for me to adopt the same role he takes and do that to Laura.

    And believe me, I could quite happily ramble for 20 minutes on my own. But I thought it would be fun to chat with Laura as a surprise, and I think the result was funny.

  • Mister k

    And indeed it was! I think the truth is that everything is your fault john walker

  • laddy_gaga

    I’ve noticed the typical dynamic of a rum doings episode is as follows:

    Cheery greeting from John
    Weary disdainful greeting from Nick
    Chirpy summation of topic not under discussion by John
    Fatherly indulgence by Nick
    Tasting of a liquid which is either noxious or pleasurable
    Conversational gambit by John
    Vilification of gambit by Nick
    Apologetic explanation by John
    Withering putdown by Nick
    Change of subject by John
    Observation of ineptitude by Nick
    Sassy murmuring by John
    Grammatical correction by Nick
    End of episode

  • Nick Mailer


    And yet, like the twelve-bar blues, infinite improvisational variation lies within such a rigid structure.

  • Kirrus

    I think both halves worked quite well. Be interesting to have Laura with Nick and John again :)

  • James Campbell

    Might be more interesting to have John by himself followed by Laura and Nick.

    And by ‘more interesting’ I mean slightly odd.

  • Blissett

    Half of this episode was excellent and half was very dull indeed.

  • EthZee

    Blissett: But which is which?! I DON’T KNOW WHICH ONE TO SHOOT

    I definitely liked the change of pace afforded by this episode. I’m definitely grateful to Nick for bringing the MusOpen project to my attention, it’s a fantastic idea that should have been done a long time ago.

  • Alex Bakke

    Listening to the second half again, Laura is like a female John. Very alike in character and mannerisms.

  • innokenti

    All thoroughly enjoyable all round. Something intellectual and something entertaining! Jolly good show. And jolly good show!

  • Chris

    Excellent episode! That is all.

  • kalidanthepalidan

    John and Laura’s banter is quite cute! :D

  • Flameberge

    Taking a lead from Colthor’s comment above, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was reminded of the former Kieron Gillen by the lovely Laura. It was nothing to do with accents or voice sounding obviously similar, but underneath that, the rhythm and inflections of Laura’s speech seemed very similar to how Kieron talks on podcasts – or when he’s being famous on internet telly, for that matter.

    Also: from Nick’s half of the podcast, I think he missed his calling, he should clearly be on radio. Ideally, a BBC wireless broadcast from the 50s. Not that they would employed anyone with a South African accent back then I suppose.

  • Gassalasca

    ^Agreed. I’d actually start listening to radio then.

    Plus, his accent is probably closer to what was heard on the wireless in the ’50s than what an average white person from South Africa sounds like today. :)

  • Adam

    I enjoyed the way Nick put down “bestest” as a non-existent word in the first half, and then John described Nick as his “bestest friend” in the second half. Good stuff!