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The Snow Tease

by on Nov.30, 2010, under The Rest

The week’s weather at 7.15pm on Monday 29th November:

The week’s weather at 7.55pm on Monday 29th November:



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  • Pace

    Surely you could take a vacation to somewhere snowy?

  • Jambe

    Yeah, come to the upper peninsula of Michigan with me in January, John (I usually go up to see some family). Not only it is breathtakingly beautiful, but you’ll have five feet or more of snow to keep you occupied. Related link:

  • Jonathan

    One of the most jarring changes I’ve noticed since moving back to the UK from the US is how completely useless the weather forecasting is here. There’s probably a sane reason, like the US midwest having easily predictable weather systems since it’s a big inland plain, but it makes me feel like the only way to know what the weather’s going to be like in the UK is to step outside and find out for myself.

    Even just those screenshots of the BBC’s weather “forecast” is enough to make me see red.

  • Flameberge

    Yeah, had the same thing here. Went to bed at 11 last night, BBC weather confidently telling me that from 12am – 9am, Nottingham would be hidden under ‘heavy snow’. I sank comfortable into my pillow, knowing tomorrow there would at the very least be a lovely quilt of snow on the ground – and maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have to go into uni or work later.

    Woke up, pretty sure we maybe had one snow flake last night.

  • peter

    A good friend of mine is a qualified meteorologist and has created something to attempt to be better than the BBC for weather. seems to be getting it right for me on a regular basis. When you look at more than 3 days out, the estimates are always likely to change – the nature of butterfly wings and the like. But. I’d thoroughly recommend the badger.

    ps – I made some of the front end of the site so I have a vested interest, but that doesn’t cloud my judgement!

  • Xercies

    Argh…everywhere in Wales has Snow except the circle that is Swansea. Its annoying!

  • Thants

    Come to Canada, you can have some of our snow. We seem to be hogging it all.

  • Alex Bakke

    I agree. I was waiting for a lovely blanket of snow last night, it passed us right by. ARGH.

  • mister k

    From the bbc
    “However, south-west England, Wales, western Scotland and Northern Ireland should enjoy sunny spells.”

    I’d laugh more but am experiencing the same. On the plus side, snow got me out of a meeting today!