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Rum Doings Episode 31

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Rum Doings, The Rest

In an unprecedented 31st episode of Rum Doings we don’t discuss whether we are dissatisfied with the results of the Liberal Tory coalition.

Instead we attempt to muster some sense of interest in the football, but far more quickly find rounders and six year old cricket more interesting. There’s thoughts on how Americans are much better at spelling than the British, potential new reality shows, and Biker Grove facts.

Can you own slippers without a pipe? Who is the best audience for easy comedy? And how tidy should your desktop be? And we explore new territory in removing the funny from comedy.

We recall our most dangerous teachers, and most criminal teachers, and plans to help gym teachers. Court-based naughty steps, short-cuts in French, and idling on runways. Then some clear rules about speaking on public transport.

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26 Comments for this entry

  • Bryce

    I miss you Nick

  • Arthur

    Who is the fellow filling in for Mr. Mailer today?

  • Alex B

    I was ever so confused today.

    Good podcast though.

  • Ed

    Byker Grove, surely?

  • Centy

    You appear foolishly to have left Nick out of this one and this displeases me.

  • Strabo

    Don’t be silly, that _was_ Nick on the podcast. Didn’t you hear what John said at the end? It’s just the Nick decided to drop his silly fake South African accent for this episode.

  • Xercies

    Nick has turned into a mild mannered british person…that must have been some whack on the head you did to him.

  • jamestwofive


    it’s not nick.

    nick, come back.

  • EthZee

    I prefer this new Nick. Dispose of the old Nick in a manner to your choosing.

  • Jambe

    Something’s amiss. This podcast was too pleasant. There were too few interruptions and too much agreement in general.

    No, something’s clearly different this time ’round. I enjoyed it, but I think I prefer that other gent. What’s his name now…

    Also, lol @ tobacco air freshener. Oxymoron!

  • badger

    A significant lack of racism. Not happy.

  • Adam

    No Nick Mailer and No Rum, I’m not sure if this one really counts. “Mr Rutland you Git” & “Daily Mail on Planes” I’ve heard before, Mailer would have never allowed that. Bring back the slightly raciest, slightly foreign Aristocrat.

  • Gassalasca

    After one sentence of this non-Nick person I knew this was going to be a disappointingly mild and toothless podcast. :|

  • James Campbell

    I am furious! I don’t pay my BBC licence fee for this mild mannered inanity.

    Believe me I could believe it was time to stop…

    In the sad case that Nick’s lacklustre performance is explained by him having recently suffered a stroke then I offer my most sincere apologies to his wife and young daughter.

  • Rosti

    Even with this strange semi-skimmed Nick the time-to-cream-tea was remarkably short this week. Well done John.

  • Imperial Creed

    I was confused and frightened by the complete change in tone, speech pattern and general sensibilities of Nick. (Or Pseudo-Nick, as I shall refer to him for evermore.) So much so that I’ve only been able to endure about half the podcast.

    John, did something happen to the real Nick? Is he now captive in your basement?

  • Colthor

    What John and Newfound Nick don’t realise is that being a PE teacher is actually much worse than being a paedophile, so whilst they’re abusing children they might as well go the whole hog.

  • Kirrus

    I’ve only listened to the first few minutes so far. The change is a bit jarring.. would have been nice to have had an introduction at the start as well! :)

  • Xercies

    Yes one of the reasons i was kind of confused was that we didn’t have an introduction that this was a new Nick, in fact john just went with it just as any old episode with an old Nick. Making me think that i had gone into a parrallel world or something.

  • Alex

    It’s like we’re all Benton Fraser and Ray has been switched with a Cylon, but nobody notices.

  • Five

    That was very odd indeed.

    Afterward my Mp3 player immediately started playing an older episode and the Nick-switch was quite jarring.

  • IvanHoeHo

    a fellow S9 owner! Good man.

  • Adam

    It’s probably because we didn’t send in enough hate mail for the episode 30 special

  • Mrstrellis

    Nick cannot believe that he forgot the name of the Airbus A380 and indeed referred to it as a “super jumbo.” He blames the heady cocktail of rum, Benadryl and Sudafed he’d taken to combat his very bad cold and hayfever.