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Apple Customers Not Attractive Enough For

by on May.28, 2010, under The Rest

Right – I’m removing this because the editor of sincerely explains that they didn’t mean to insult the man’s looks, and agrees that it looks as though they were, and has changed it accordingly. So all is well.

Although I doubt they’ll be offering me work any time soon : )


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  • Ian

    If it’d been “Yup, HE was the first UK iPad buyer to emerge from the Apple Store this morning. Looks pleased” would it not be essentially the same?

    You’re right that they seem to be repulsed by the idea of somebody who’s not a photogenic cutie being the first to buy the iPad, but I don’t think the “this” means they’re treating him like a sub-human.

    That’d be the whole thing.

  • Ian

    Having said that, the photo is clearly a set-up anyway.

    Apple customers are all super-cool young hipsters. Their adverts told me this, so it must be true.

  • Patrick

    I only found this in my RSS feed once the dust had settled, so what happened? Near as I can tell:

    Wired made fun of ugly people at the iPad launch, you blogged, they relented, you redacted?

  • Andy Krouwel

    Hey, was it launched today? I guess the one that arrived in the post yesterday must have been early.