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Rum Doings Episode 23

by on Apr.01, 2010, under Rum Doings, The Rest

This week we welcome back Martin Coxall for a second appearance, after last week’s was so lovely with him. Don’t worry if you’re a purest – we’ve since had him sealed in concrete and buried in the North Sea, and next time it will be back to just Nick and John.

The topic not under discussion is: Is the creeping cancer of violent videogames corrupting our kiddies? Moving quickly on, we discover that John wants to be a tall poppy, and then move on to the drinks Martin bought for us. A tub of coconut milk, and a tin of Nourishmilk. Which will be so revolting we pour it down the sink? How can you resist finding out? Then discover what Nick and Martin really think of John when he’s out the room.

Find out how to circumnavigate a gastric band, and then discussions of the two types of hunger. Nick lectures two fat people on how to be thin, which inevitably means discussing the Cheesecake Factory and desserts. Then a really quite heated debate about strawberries, woolly jumper apples, the ripeness of bananas, and the sheer arrogance of rhubarb.

Which countries have the worst breakfasts? And what’s the best offal? Then continuing what’s become a food theme, there’s more discussion of custard and Angel Delight than you could possibly have hoped for. If you wish to defend chocolate custard, get in touch at the email address below. And after, thermal conductivity.

Which would be more dangerous to come back to life, the raptor or the t-rex? Learn how to bring them back to find out! And how Ridley Scott could kill us all. What noise did a dodo make? And where did chickens come from?

And then… I’m not even going to associate myself with it. I think it might be the funniest moment on Rum Doings ever. Be warned, it’s not okay for gentle ears. In fact, let’s never speak of it.

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  • Pope Gregory IX


    You ignore the best dessert of all: another full helping of dinner!

    Especially nice at Christmas when everyone else is choking on plum pudding vileness.

  • km

    Regarding the eating conversation, John: Remember when we ate at that Applebee’s in NYC and the calories were on the menu. We were horrified that our burgers were 2500 calories AND we were going to get an appetizer.

    Also, I actually listened to my first Rum Doings this evening.

  • John Walker

    I actually told them that story before we recorded. Which was probably a bit stupid, since it’s a good story for the podcast. We both ended up getting salads, right? And even they were 1000+ calories.

    And hooray! You listened!

  • Arthur

    Two Dye Four sounds like it is a double pun. First on to die for, and then on two by four. I can’t imagine why they chose to do such a thing, but that’s what it sounds like.

    I didn’t know anyone disliked strawberries. It’s like hating a physical embodiment of good.

  • Ben

    After Nick’s delight in using “niggardly” as much as possible a while back I’m surprised he didn’t jump on the chance to say “faggots” while discussing offal. And I was very disappointed to visit a museum recently and find a life-size model of a raptor which was about the size of a biggish turkey. Apparently Jurassic Park was not entirely factual…

  • Butterbumps

    Yes, it’s true about Velociraptors being disappointingly tiny. But on the other hand we have their relative, the 7 metre long Utahraptor, which is quite scary enough for me, thank you.

    Oh, and while I’m here, on the subject of punning business names: I feel I should mention the vegetarian cafĂ© in Dublin named “Blazing Salads”.

  • devlocke

    Hah… last night I listened to this episode, then listened to Episode 2 because I’m playing it on my radio show tomorrow night. It turns out Episode 2 is the first one you in which you talked about the punny-shop-names rule at length. Sort of deja-vuish.

  • jsutcliffe

    What is better than cheesecake? Cheesecake cake!

    For a cheesecake cake, you make both a regular yellow cake batter and a cheesecake cheese bit (not sure of its actual name), then you fill a cake pan halfway with the cake batter, then gently pour the cheesecake cheese bit over the top, and bake it. The cheesecake cheese bit gently sinks and mixes with the cake batter in a manner ultimately not unlike a marble cake, and it is one hundred percent delicious.

    Also, whole wheat pancakes are very good. I don’t think you should invite that Coxall person back, since his opinions clearly cannot be trusted.

  • Geejay

    Hairdresser names seen on the weekend:

    Shear Madness
    Kold Kutz

    The latter is peculiar.

  • MrsTrellis

    There are about 20 Curl Up and Dyes listed in the UK Yellow Pages.

    I think dodos were from the same family as pigeons, so I think they went “ploo ploo ploo.”

    And I love chocolate custard! We used to have chocolate cake with chocolate custard at school.

  • Adam G

    As a British child of 15, I can confirm that both my younger sister and I both regularly still have Angel Delight with hundreds and thousands as a treat!

  • Alex

    As far as I’m concerned, the difference between a jam and a jelly is that the jam has solid bits in it that can be identified as coming from an actual fruit. Jelly is a homogeneous translucent substance your grandmother keeps in her fridge that gets used once a year for the bird’s nest cookies ’round christmas time.

    And about rhubarb- it’s a hopeless cause. If you bring it up, someone (me) will throw back at you all the fruits treated like veggies, like cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants or beans. Besides, rhubarb crisp is the best desert known to mankind.