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The Merton Phenomenon

by on Mar.21, 2010, under The Rest

While perfectly aware that 90% of those with an internet connection have already watched Merton’s video, I still want to post it here. Thanks to housemate Craig’s spotting it before it had a thousand views I feel some sense of not being the last one to the party. Just the last one to remember to post it. I’m prompted to do so by Ben Folds’ reply video, which is splendid all over again. Both videos contain plenty of swears, petal-eared ones.

I’ve not ventured near Chatroulette, partly because I don’t want to see other men’s winkies, and perhaps somewhat more significantly, because I don’t have a webcam. The idea is lovely (apart from the inevitability of winkies), being randomly connected with a stranger over the internet, and then just chatting about whatever. Random connections, random lines being drawn around the globe. Still, I don’t want to join in. What I do want to do, however, is watch Merton singing improvised songs to the people that appear on his screen, 24 hours a day, for the rest of my life. That this is only five and a half minutes pains me. Although he promises more. And since there’s now just shy of 4 million views on the video, I suspect there’s a lot more planned. Here it is:

Clearly there’s going to be a lot of copycats. Perhaps the best so far is from one Ben Folds. It seems quite a few people have suggested/accused Merton of being Ben Folds, which he very politely points out is somewhat unlikely, what with their having different voices. However, it seems the singer caught wind of this and decided to emulate Merton live on stage, hoodie up, improvising with a live audience. The result is splendid. And once again has had all the penises removed for your safety.


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    Hey there
    Creepy guy with a fire axe
    And a victim
    In a black bag
    Oh my god, are those his entrails?
    We must
    All now
    Phone the police and main-tain this rhy-thm
    Or not. Oh well.
    You severed our connection tooooo…