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Rum Doings Episode 21

by on Mar.17, 2010, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Recording in Nick’s brother’s “studio”, in episode 21 we immediately find ourselves discussing the splendid subject of slugs. Before we’ve even introduced the subject we aren’t discussing. Which is: Is bad language the sign of a poor vocabulary, and a poorer imagination?

Have you ever rifled through someone’s bathroom cabinet? Surely no one really would. But what about interviewing technique? Should you allow the interviewee to answer a question? And how about the works of Mr and Mrs Christ’s Enterprise? These are things we talk about! There’s chat about conspiracists, the absolute fact that the Taleban is the Queen’s personal army, and then we celebrate mighty man of history, King Cnut.

Gravelly-voiced singers, the perils of copyright, and Nick’s fascinating discussion of the colour of the sky, all bring us to the ultimate email we’ve received. I use “ultimate” quite deliberately. I feel quite sure it can’t be beaten. If you want to prove us wrong, contact us here. Find out quite how uncommitted you are compared to these two.

We leap like verbal gazelles from jerk chicken to President Clinton, Amnesty failings to Sonny and Cher’s involvement in the situation in the Middle East. And yes, of course, Ramsey’s Messianic Kitchen Nightmares. Learn John’s criminal history, and then… a big musical finish! What an episode.

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  • Flameberge

    “Generally, Christians are unimaginative and dull”. I almost spat my lunch out when I heard that. In a good way, not in an outraged-and-going-to-smite-you-down-way.

  • Nick Mailer

    Thanks Flameberge. And since my favourite composer was a devout Christian, and my favourite music of his is devoutly Christian, I’m not sure I was being utterly serious ;-)

    That said, feel free to smite.

  • Arthur

    I guess I thought everyone looks through everyone else’s cabinet. I suppose I should feel bad now.

    Nick, are you one of the chosen people?

  • James

    I didn’t know Amnesty had been discredited. What did I miss?

  • Nick Mailer

    The Cage Prisoner debacle. Amnesty only likes Muslims if they’re fanatical, it seems, and fires Muslim ladies who aren’t.

  • Colthor

    John’s just forgetting his kleptomania; in the very first Rum Doings (between 26:15 and 28:10) he reveals he not only short-changed a poor, hard-working, trusting shopkeeper by an entire penny for a packet of fruit pastilles, but also stole a giant (giant!) cooking pot from a house of God.
    Frankly, with the revelations in this podcast, I’d record Episode 22 quick-smart before John’s resting at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.
    (Besides, it’s easier to nick pint glasses by just putting them in your inside coat pocket.)

    This was one of the most enjoyable (and funny) Rum Doings so far. Good show!

  • Nick Mailer

    Thank you, Colthor. We are both too senile to remember anything we say after the recordings, so I hereby appoint you as Rum Doings Historian and Archivist.

  • Sacred_flame101

    this episode sums up the reason why i so thoroughly enjoy this podcast and wait eagerly for each one to come out

    Great podcast

  • Colthor

    Oh dear – I may have wound up in a position my memory can only very selectively fulfil.

    But if I don’t remember it, it can’t be important. Right?

  • Mrs Trellis

    The easiest way to nick pint glasses, especially the nice branded ones, is to hand them to a female friend as you are about to leave the pub. She will obligingly drape her coat over the item and waltz past any door security on your behalf.

    I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly paid money for a pint glass.

  • vagabond


  • Freudian Trip

    I’ve had a go at myself during Rumdoings but at least I had the decency to pause it. Think of all the knowledge that I’d miss out on while my wrist pumps away furiously for 45 seconds. Frankly, if anything Mr. and Mrs. Suchandsuch should be banned from listening for rudeness.

  • Ben

    I quite liked the podcast’s premise, where you noted that interesting discussion can come when you DIVERT from the intended topic. However, it seems that for a while now you don’t bother discussing the topic even for a moment! I know it’s “The topic we aren’t
    discussing”, but I would actually like a quick opinion from you chaps as it might be a bit different from what we are used to hearing on the particular subject. Completely ignoring a topic to then go on about Neighbours for just about forever is not diverting from the topic, and is cheating.

    As you can probably tell from my rant, I am something of a purist when it comes to my Rum Doings. I’ll let you off that you don’t always drink rum though…

  • Nick Mailer

    Hi Ben,

    We’ve actually been quite careful not to talk about the topic since the beginning. If you listen carefully, I usually do give a quick throwaway response to the actual topic, or I bring it back “on topic” right at the end in some silly, convoluted manner.

    Also, just because we work hard not to discuss a topic one week doesn’t mean we don’t discuss it later. For example, one week we didn’t discuss what to “do” about the BBC’s licence fee, but we discuss the BBC, its licence fee and so on at other occasions, including last week with Mr Finnemore.

  • Blissett

    Splendid return to form gents :o)

  • Tris

    In one of your previous podcasts you reviewed the tesco value shite rum. Would it be possible for you to review the Tesco Superior Dry White Rum in a future podcast?

  • Sebmojo

    Nick I am pleased, surprised and a little nauseated to catch you in an error – sine qua non doesn’t mean ‘the best of the best’ or whatever you said – it means the single vital component.

    I suspect you were thinking of ne plus ultra.

    Love the podcasts, listened to this one while doing the shopping. $5 bottles of red wine, hurrah!