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OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

by on Mar.03, 2010, under The Rest

Seems like it’s fun to post this while it’s still under 200k views, but in a larger part because this is a celebration of a victory over EMI, with the video being embeddable. To find out why that matters, see here. Meanwhile, this is absolutely astonishing, whether the cut after the blue curtains is terrible or not. Cheers to Kim for alerting me.


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  • David

    Aww, they put a cut in there? Going back and watching again I definitely see it, but I almost wish I hadn’t. Still, it’s an amazing video. I love that they’re wearing the paint-splattered overalls, it bugged me all the way through until I saw the end.

    Also: Yay for victory over EMI in the embedding debacle!

  • nutterguy

    I still don’t see the cut.
    How can you tell?

  • Rosti

    I absolutely love that punchline – was beginning to think I’d missed something at the start.

  • John Walker

    @ nutterguy.

    The curtains are translucent. You can see the light fitting through them. When they whip open that stuff is not there. It’s a pretty dreadful cut that could have been properly hidden with thick curtains.

  • roBurky

    The first time I was linked to this, it had no description other than an expression that it was good. When I saw a man covered in what looked like blood, I immediately turned it off.

    I’m glad you gave a little more explanation of it here- it’s great.

  • Stu

    I think Popjustice summed it up pretty well:

    “You may recall the band’s ‘marching band’ video for the same song from last month. What this means is that while most bands fail to come up with one visually interesting video in their entire career, OK Go can breezily toss off two for the same song.”