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Rum Doings Episode 13

by on Jan.21, 2010, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Sorry to sneak up on you, but look, it’s episode 13. We’re going weekly for, well, maybe a week. We’ll see how it works out. Please let us know in the comments below, or to, whether you would prefer weekly episodes, or the former fortnightly.

Distracted by a new rum, we take a long time to get around to introducing the topic we’re not discussing: Whatever happened to sitting down for dinner as a whole family?

Instead we find ourselves discussing Scientology, random word snap, and then dive head-first into a chasm of self-indulgence, and discuss the Rum Doings origin story. How John and Nick met, the creation of (the now deceased) Glebe’s Thrift Funnel, and then our dalliance with the stars. As regular listeners will remember, Nick and John have a “no false modesty” rule, and included in this is what so many call “name-dropping”, but we call “talking about people we met.” We relate the stories of our adventures in the nineties in which we met many of our heroes.

Apologies for the slightly annoying hollow mic noise that appears occasionally. You’ll forgive us. Let us know what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy, either via email or comment below. Or leave a review on iTunes. And please, as ever, retweet and plug this link, help us get heard. We want to be heard by the w-hole wide world.

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16 Comments for this entry

  • AJ

    I’d quite like a weekly podcast – the more Rum Doings the better!

  • scotch.mist

    Just to say, you had mentioned that scooby-doo island story before. One of the early rums I believe.

    Also I should point out how much I hate you both now for that story about meeting The Famous People.

  • Kirrus

    In the hidden corner of the internet, lies an archive. An archive which has preserved:

    Enjoy ;)

  • Jambe

    “Please let us know whether you would prefer weekly episodes or the former fortnightly.”

    Would I prefer MORE Rum Doings or LESS? I’ll take MORE, please.

  • Freudian Trip

    I 2nd Jambe.

  • Matt

    Thanks to Kirrus’s archive link, here’s a ridiculously prophetic remark from Koekie:

    “Cyberfinches twitter and slurp with no headlines, no commentators and no anchorage.”

  • James Campbell

    I would enjoy weekly rum doings but not bi-weekly, that would just be far too much!
    I once met Armando Iannucci, and by met I mean was in the same cinema as him. And as the film showing was the UK premiere of “In the loop” that’s really not so impressive…
    Also exactly what was wrong with John’s socks? Nicks disgust was so great it hard to establish. That ending did make me laugh a disproportionate amount though…

  • Royston

    I’d say more, and would quite like to hear more about:

    St Wilgefortis
    Battlestar Galactica Action Figures
    Sufjan Stevens
    Favoured Condiments

  • Roland

    Weekly Rum Doings please.
    When ever I watch a news program I am more and more convinced that the makers thought The Day Today/Brass Eye where instructional “How to make a news show” programs.

  • Gassalasca

    Hmm… well, it depends on whether you’d be able to keep the quality of the programme up to your previous standards.

  • MrsTrellis

    Royston, the condiments is an excellent idea. Nicholas is an autocondimentor, meaning that he will slather any meal with all available condiments *before* tasting it.

    And it was John who expressed disdain at Nicholas’s socks, not the other way round. These are they:×371/r662313-p662344-front.jpg (the stripy ones).

  • MrsTrellis

    Oh, yes, John’s socks were a bit of a shame. They did not match.

  • Adam

    Dearie dearie me. I have only listened so far to the first five minutes or so of this podcast and I winced every time Nick said “Owl’n’witch”. I have had the fortune to have visited this great fortress on occasion and know it to infact be pronouced “Anneck”! Weird I know.
    On an unrelated note, keep up the good work; it is nice to hear some fellow British voices on the podwaves every now and again!

  • jsutcliffe

    I feel famous — the back of my head was on the news and I was sort of mentioned in a podcast on the same day. My star is in the ascendant!

    However, to clarify my beef with Chicago, I’m sure it’s very nice if you’re in the fancy north side parts where the fancy people live. However, the rest of Chicago is pretty much a hole, even the supposedly nice part around the University of Chicago, where I am. The markets may have fifteen exotic kinds of rice, but good luck finding staples like potatoes. Or a bar. Or good takeout.

    Also: Extreme jealousy about you being at the Election Armistice. I though my 1997 election night was pretty fun, but it looks very shabby now by comparison.

  • bodnotbod

    I’ve fallen very much behind on the listenings, so only just heard this one.

    Good to hear the origin story, I knew lots of bits n pieces but much was new to me. And quite gratifying that you left it til episode 13 and only really arrived at it all naturally. You could have brought it up in episode #1 to big yourselves up and give yourselves some authority but it was pleasing that you didn’t.