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Snowman Tragedy 2010

by on Jan.06, 2010, under The Rest

Last year, when it snowed to any depth for the first time in my adult life, I made this. I don’t think I’ve topped it this year, but I had a good go. He’s a bit more clumsy, a bit less well shaped. But the spirit is there. Big props to Craig for suggesting brain matter and creating wall-based splatter effects. Oh, and coming up with the gun idea, too. I was just going to have his head caved open. Also, I’m sorry.

He had nothing to live for.

More angles here.

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  • Mike Arthur

    Haha nice. I think you should have a new “Snow” category on this blog…

    What’s the brain matter made of? Shoe string liquorice?

  • John Walker

    It is in fact spaghetti and pasta, cooked in water and red food colouring.

  • Pod


    It doesn’t have the ultrarealistic gore action of last years (was that only last year?!), but it does have a cut out gun.

    And spaghetti brains.

  • Jambe

    lol, cute.

    I find your fascination with snow interesting. Two feet of the stuff on the ground around here. When you’re hit by lake-effect blizzards thirty times per year the stuff quickly loses its charm (you reach a point where you must haul the stuff out with loaders and trucks because there’s just SO MUCH).

    It’s still beautiful, though. And so is your snow-man-friend here. Until he blasted a chunk of his head off, that is.

  • westyfield

    First thing I noticed was a snowman with his head caved in, and a spade sitting nearby in a pool of blood. That makes it seem even creepier.

    Epic snowman though, traumatise any nearby children for life!

  • Fede

    Nice! :)
    Reminds me of a cutscene in the first Resident Evil.

  • Quercus

    You are a sick, sick man.

  • km

    My co-workers were horrified. I was so proud.