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Rum Doings: Episode 8

by on Nov.18, 2009, under Rum Doings, The Rest

In the triumphant return of Rum Doings, delayed for a while by the birth of Nick’s daughter, Judith, we celebrate with the consumption of an Asda Smart Price meal. And indeed the possible consumption to follow.

This feast begins with a bowl of Asda Smart Price chicken curry, washed down with Asda Smart Price Dark Rum, with Asda Smart Price Chocolate Mousse to follow. Not discussed in the episode is John and Edward, whatever that might be, with instead the meandering topics covering Judith’s arrival, talking with our mouths full, and then alittlebitofpoliticsladiesandgentlemen. A belated discussion of Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time leads to thoughts on immigration and why we need more of it.

We offer a shout-out that probably won’t be too gratefully received, thoughts on parenting and being honest about ugly babies, considerations on the extraordinary nature of vanishing chocolate puddings, and then important matters of the bottom. John’s senility is gleefully highlighted by Nick, and Nick’s chicken hate hypocrisy is underlined by John. Then an astonishing discovery about chickens is unveiled. Find out about the time John was allowed to work in a hospital pathology lab, and Nick shares memories of his wife’s c-section. Oh, and John’s fat.

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  • David McBride

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to that as I lay sick at home, huddled under my duvet on the sofa. Many thanks!

    Judith is an excellent name.

    Also, I genuinely have no idea who John and Edward are. I suspect they are Celebrities — in which case, I am happy to be ignorant.

    Penultimately, I would assert that the Body Mass Index is a terrible way to judge whether someone is overweight or not. This might be because my measure claims I’m overweight, when clearly I’m not. Much.

    Finally, as requested, a (stolen) poem:

    There was an old man
    From Peru, whose lim’ricks all
    Look’d like haiku. He

    Said with a laugh “I
    Cut them in half, the pay is
    Much better for two.”

    Many thanks, chaps.

  • Pace

    Haven’t listened to this one yet, but I just got to Shale in Dragon’s Age, and whoa, he sounds just like Nick.

    (btw cheers on the good review, I wasn’t planning on getting Dragons Age until I read your review, and now I’m really enjoying it!)

  • MrsTrellis

    I am itching to try the Smart Price rum but unlike you two, I will wait till the sun is over the yardarm.

    I recommend diamorphine to anyone planning a stay in hospital or indeed birthing a child. It comes with the Trellis stamp of approval.

  • Jambe

    Nick, when you said, “oh-I-think-he’s-got CANSA” at 33:47, I shot jack & coke out my nose. It burnt badly but I continued laughing for a good minute or so. Sounded EXACTLY like a wiry little old lady from Long Island I once knew.

    What a good laugh that was. “It’s metastaSIZED!” put me over the edge a few seconds later.

  • Five

    Huge Rum Doings fan here.
    Was starting to get withdrawal symptoms big time.

    I suggest you announce in advance which rum you’re going to sample during the podcast, so that we can purchase the same and enjoy it along with you both.

    Big congratulations to Nick.

    P.S. John should name his haemorrhoid Mitch.

  • Gassalasca

    I think a suitable name for John’s haemorrhoid would be Bartholomew.

  • Edgar the Peaceful

    Newish listener, long standing JW reader here.

    I have to say that on first listen I found Nick to be an unlikeable haughty snob. A few podcasts on, I realise he is a hugely likeable haughty snob. Excellent stuff!

    John, you continue to be the podcast ‘enabler’ par excellence (in RD, RPS & PCG) and a very funny man in your own right.

    Also, it’s nice to hear an acerbic dressing-down of reactionary idiots and a strong defence of the NHS.