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Dexter’s Snow Day

by on Feb.02, 2009, under The Rest

Okay, so a centimetre of snow fell, and yes, I’m totally grateful for that. London may be getting another foot before bedtime, but a cm is more snow than I’ve seen in this country in my adult life. Also grateful was Dexter, who’d never seen snow settled on the ground before. He seemed quite taken.

This isn’t spectacular action, but it’s Dex playing in snow, and it’s cute.

There’s a high quality version in the options on the farthest right button.

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  • NM

    I didn’t like that sound of panting that came from you as you tried to keep up with your cat. It’s time to begin your fitness regime!

  • Seniath

    Alas, my cat is terrified enough of going outside in normal weather, so I don’t get any such reactions from her :(.

  • Lu-Tze

    Yay! Dexter! He’s is my surrogate cat for watching play in the snow.

    I remember watching my old cat bounce in and out of a couple of feet of snow, appearing briefly at the top of a jump and then disappearing into a newly formed hole.

  • botherer

    No, that’s me trying not to laugh while recording.

  • The Poisoned Sponge

    I think it’s time to give up posting any interesting words and instead give the website over to videos of Dexter.

  • Little Green Man

    Awwww. Who’s a widdle puddy tat?
    MY cat Tammy was playing in the snow this morn’. She couldn’t really walk in it as it came up yo her chest, so she ventually gaave up and just jumped forwards. Then she ran away from us because of our salopets making sounds. Good times.

  • Dozer

    Best thing I’ve seen all day. I look forward to not living with cat allergy sufferers so I can keep a cat again…

  • Nick

    I threw my cat out this morning. She has been on strike for the last few months, and in that spirit she came straight back in.

    I am just going to have to accept she is very much a house cat. Can’t blame her really, I did find her half straved on top of a shed up north.

    Lovely vid John.

  • km

    you’re such a proud dad. also, miele has disowned you.