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Farley’s Rusks For The People

by on Jan.30, 2009, under The Rest

Right, I realise I’ve barely any readers these days, and I realise last thing on Friday is a stupid time to do this, but I need to know.

Most Brits will remember Farley’s Rusks. The biscuits designed for teething babies, aged 4-6 months and older. I’m sure there are equivalents in other parts of the world. Full of calcium and iron, they’re brilliant for babies with their crunchy start, and quick dissolve into mush in the mouth. They’re clearly designed with babies and toddlers in mind. However, I note on the box that there’s no upper age limit.

I’m really quite shocked by the remarkably negative reaction to my buying some the other day from my housemates. All three of them became demented when I offered them one to eat. “BUT THEY’RE FOR BABIES!”

So is milk. And no, not breast milk. Cow milk. At around six months, when you can start giving a baby Rusks, you can give them regular milk. It contains many nutrients babies need! Does that mean it’s exclusively for babies? NO! You’d have to be a colossal idiot to make such an argument.

Therefore, please, can Rusk accepting people out there please let others know they’re delicious and nutritious. There’s a reason it says “for all ages” on the box, people. I hereby begin the campaign for Rusk-eating adults to loudly and proudly declare these enormously flavourful treats as their own!

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  • Jazmeister

    Seconded. Who says you can’t eat rusks, play with large simple toys, and talk gibberish when you’ve grown fully? They should start marketing it to the Peggle demograhic.

    Oh wait. That’s everyone.

  • roBurky

    I’m going to be going out to the shops to try some of these tomorrow. If I turn into a baby, I’m blaming you.

  • Seniath

    During my time in halls, a box of rusks appeared in the kitchen. No one ever fessed up to owning them….

  • Nick Murdoch

    From what I remember of Rusks, they’re pretty awesome. I’m pretty sure I’ve known at least one other person since I was a toddler who enjoys them!

  • The Poisoned Sponge

    If my nearby Co-op sold them, I’d be eating them like normal biscuits. Regardless though, my whole house thinks that I’m weird for drinking milk on its own. What’s wrong with a bit of milk?

  • botherer

    roBurky, you must report back with your findings.

  • R

    Fellow Rusk lovers, it’s time to come out of the closet, and declare our secret to the whole world! I’m so glad to know I’m not alone…

  • Cian

    I remember guiltily enjoying these when I was about ten, don’t know if I could summon up the courage to do so again. I’m in no hurry to repeat the ‘Milk and bread is for hedgehogs not people’ incident.

  • Helen

    Sadly they aren’t available in Canada so poor Jim missed out (the equivalent like so many things just isn’t remotely similar… even Canadian ‘coco pops’ still made by Kellogg’s are totally different!) but I ate them happily into adulthood – as modeled by my Mum, who is also a fan, and shared them with my sis… usually all gone before Dad got in… a girly treat in the Martin house!

  • The sister

    I have to hide them from Shaun to prevent the box from premeturely emptying

  • Rossignol

    Free the Rusk infantile oppression! Rusks are delicious.

  • Andy Krouwel

    Me & a group of mates would regularly consume a box of rusks in the park, instead of use the school canteen, when I was sixteen.

    Have occasionally stolen them from babies since.

  • Nah

    Nah, it’s a year for cow’s milk.

  • roBurky

    I have bought my rusks, and they get a thumbs down from me. I ate two of them, and they made me feel ill.

  • botherer

    Oh noes! I was so hoping for a convert.