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KITH Comeback!

by on Dec.03, 2008, under Television

The main problem with my life is that I don’t know anyone with whom to share this most exciting news ever.

Cursed life.

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  • Chris

    The return of Head Crusher & the Chicken Lady?

    Bloody huzzah!

  • Rodti

    I saw their ‘Carfucking’ sketch the other day, but had no idea they were properly back together. MAN IS PLEASED BY THIS.

  • Frosty840

    Glee upon joy upon joy upon glee.
    I spent many a late schoolnight up watching KitH when I should have been getting an education. Now I can ruin my working life, too.

  • Dorian Cornelius Jasper

    Finally, television will once again meet its Broadcast Transvestite Quota. In Canada.

    … Waitaminute. I just now remembered that I can actually get CBC here in Washington state. Hey.

  • Dianna

    I just saw them in San Francisco this year and they were still hilarious. Most of it was new material, but with some of the old characters like chicken lady. Scott T accidentally fell off stage and into the orchestra pt-and was taken by ambulance to the hospital later.