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Fight Back Against The Boob Menace

by on Oct.18, 2008, under The Rest

Three people hugging together in fear of the boobs.

As we know from South Park this week, breasts are a dangerous menace, attempting to kill us all. Fortunately a brave few are fighting back, through the power of walking for ages. The Breast Cancer 3-Day is a sixty mile walk to raise money for Susan G Komen For The Cure.

I mentioned that Kim was planning to take part earlier this year, and she’s on the walk right now. Many people reading were incredibly generous, and sponsored someone they don’t know for a really excellent cause. And brilliantly, Kim’s completely smashed through her target amount. However, I’ve got a feeling there are still some people out there who somehow forgot to donate before. Phew, now’s your chance! Head here, and then stick in what you can. It’s to protect us from those boobs, so we need live in fear no more.

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