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Podcast Bonanza

by on Sep.25, 2008, under The Rest

So after my quite impressive stupidity of announcing I’d never really taken any notice of podcasts, forgetting that I’ve been in a bunch of them, this week two more have come along.

Firstly, I took part in the most recent PC Gamer UK podcast, which you can read about here, and download the mp3 from here. It’s an hour with Editor Ross Atherton, Dep Ed Tim Edwards, Revs Ed Craig Pearson, and tiny, worthless freelancer, me. It’s quite a lot of fun when Ross isn’t going on about Empire Total War, and Tim isn’t listing things. Ha ha. Craig and I have a nice moment of channelling Collings & Herrin.

Secondly, and very excitingly, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has its first podcast up. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show: Episode 1 can be downloaded directly from here, and RSSd to from here.

The RPS one is of terrible audio quality. But that’s the thing about recording something for 45 minutes, and then discovering it sounds appalling – there’s not much you can do about it. So shut up and lump it, whining person. Next time we’ll be much better. But it’s a pretty good listen, for Kieron Gillen and me just rambling.

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