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by on Aug.31, 2008, under The Rest

I’m 31 in just under a couple of months. That’s awfully old. Not many people have lived that long before, which means it’s all new territory, with few guidelines for how one survives day-to-day life at such an age.

I want to have a few things done by the time I’m 31. I’m stating them here so people can have a go at me about them when it becomes increasingly obvious I’m failing.

On that subject, to all who have enquired about my 826-like plans: The deal is this. When I get ideas in my head, I want them to happen all at once, and then I try and make that happen. This idea, were it to ever happen, is not an all at once thing. So I had a big rush at the start, and then nothing for months. I haven’t given up, and it’s something I’d love to see happen. But I had a bit of a significant moment. I asked myself, terribly seriously, what I was. “What are you,” I asked? “A writer,” came back the answer. That was a fairly big deal. The answer could have come back, “A youth worker,” and things would be different. But I’m a writer. That’s not only my big dream, but also the career I’ve already proven to be successful at.

So obviously I’ve responded by seeking out some youth work to do. Starting this September, I’ll be helping with the Sunday morning youth work at my church. It’s going to be great to get back to doing something with the skills I have, and indeed the degree I gained. Clearly the 826 idea is the perfect combination of writer and youth worker, and so it will always make sense as a project. But a number of things need to happen before that gets going properly. More than anything, I need my own life to be more settled, more of a foundation, before taking on any big financial risks. I have also come to the conclusion that I’d need a dedicated, full-time partner if this were to work. I mean partner as in business partner. But clearly if that person happened to be a single lady, all the better.

Anyhow, that’s nothing to do with my 27th October goals. They are far more attainable.

By the 27th October 2008 (pre-order your presents for me now), I would like the following to be the case:

Regularly going to the gym.
Lost one more stone (14lb, American reader).
Have completed two more chapters of my book.
Had a positive bank account for a month.
Have hoovered at least once.

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  • Chris Evans

    Well I would’ve thought that hoovering was an easy enough task…would’ve thought anyway!

  • Yann Best

    Hoovering is overrated.

    You have my full support on the others, though (just don’t lose weight in a scary weight. My dad’s lost six stone in the past eight months or so, and it’s freaky. He just doesn’t look /right/).

    Actually, if you could possibly donate that stone of weight to me, it’d probably do me some good, ta.

  • Pod

    Except for the hoovering (Why?!!!), those are pretty much my plans for the next 2 months…. Infact, I think they’re everybodies plans for the next two months. Hmm.

    What would you like for your birthday? If it costs less than £3.50*, I might get you it.

    *inc P&P

  • Tom Camfield

    I’m in the pro-hoovering camp, and recommend it as a way of losing weight, since if you do it right, which means shifting furniture etc, you’ll get a reasonable work out. See also, mopping floors, cleaning kitchen surfaces and doing the washing up. All in, a good calorie burn.

  • NM

    We’re going for a run at the weekend, Walker. Get your trainers ready.