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Step 2

by on Aug.12, 2008, under Television

You may have noticed I often write about TV shows on this blog. You have a keen eye for details like that. And for as long as I have, Kim has teased me by paraphrasing South Park saying,

Step 1: Write about TV
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit!

So much so that the phrase “step 2” has entered our vocabulary as a term to mean, “that mysterious job where I get to write about TV shows.” Well, finally I’ve achieved Step 2.

Giant Realm, the blog conglomerate and site that provides “stuff that doesn’t suck”, has let me write things about television in exchange for money. A wholly reasonable deal. The first piece has just gone up, is about The Middleman, and begins like this:

“Javier Grillo-Marxuach originally intended The Middleman to be a TV pilot. Yes, clearly this happened, but years after he set his work in motion. The established television writer (Lost, Medium, Charmed) first had ambitions to create a show about the sort of heroism and science fiction that had decorated his childhood in 1998, when he wrote the original pilot. Deemed too peculiar by his peers, he sat on the project until the mysterious Middleman and his fresh recruit, artist Wendy Watson, were first seen “fighting evil so you don’t have to” in a four-part comic book in 2005, published by Viper Comics. Three comic volumes later, and everything has come full circle: ABC Family optioned the comic into a show.”

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  • Steve W

    Congrats on getting yet another company to pay you for stuff you like doing.

    I’m rapidly beginning to love The Middleman, so much so that I barely even notice the deficiencies in the budget. Or maybe it’s because of the inoculation to such that Doctor Who provided (I think I could even watch “Rose” now without cringing at the CGI wheelie bins). But at the risk of upsetting the love-in, I still don’t think Keeslar quite nails everything he’s asked to do. Granted, his is the harder role, but I still stand by my assertion that Paul Gross would be perfect as The Middleman (even if it’d represent a backwards step for him as an actor). See a recent episode where Keeslar makes a complete dog’s dinner of a scene where The Middleman is “possessed” by a teenage girl as an example.

  • km

    You are fantastic!

  • Iain "DDude" Dawson

    Yay! Finally I have a place where trustworth people can advise me what to watch on tv without filling every other sentence with hyperbole for Russel T Davis.

    I would also hope that you would link to said articles from here, for those of those who may miss them otherwise…