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Television: Factory

by on Jul.22, 2008, under Television

One of the creators of Strangers With Candy, Mitch Rouse, has created a new show – Factory – the first original comedy for Spike TV. And it’s great.

It’s sort of about four guys who work in a factory, but it’s really about four people pissing around, demonstrating how good they are at improvisation. It’s conversation led, with a stupendous sense of reality and banter. It’s single camera, filmed on location, and without an audience. While it’s routed in reality, that doesn’t confine it to the possible – when attempting to regail the others with memories, the memory itself will appear for them to watch, and the memory is usually a woman they saw. The first episode was a little too plot heavy, trying too hard to introduce the cast with awkward devices. Still great, but episodes two and three have been just splendid.

Think the conversational style of Curb Your Enthusiasm, with the inanity of Carpoolers. It’s superb. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages. And so, so childish. It proves once more that a group of people repeating something someone said in stupid voices is always funny.

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  • Masked Dave

    Yeah, I’ve loved this. When the first episode started I actually thought it was a documentary, ‘you never get people who look that real in TV’ I thought.

    And then the Manager got killed by his tie.