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Two Things From Uncle John

by on Jul.15, 2008, under The Rest

1) I’m an uncle again! My sister just had her second, a girl called Sarah. That’s her in the picture below. The first picture of over four hundred thousand. That will be taken today. And every day. I swear there are about three photographs of me under the age of four in existence. If you rifled through the photos of someone born in the last couple of years you’d have a flick-book animation of their entire life. Let-alone the videos. If it’s embarrassing when your parents dredge out the couple of sepia-toned polaroids of you now, just imagine the fate of today’s kids in eighteen years when their mums project the video of that time they ate their poo in the paddling pool on the living room wall. Anyway, hi Sarah! Welcome to Earth.


2) This:

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  • km

    Hooray! Congrats, Mom…and family :)

  • Graham

    14 years from now your neice is going to Google your name, and find a picture of herself, a broken YouTube video and the lingering question of whether or not you once ate poo in a paddling pool.

  • Yann Best

    Aww, happy birthday Sarah! Damn, I need to take more photo’s [intentional apostrophe] of my nieces. I probably have less pictures of them than they have years, which is a terribly sad state of affairs :(

    Also: Feist + Sesame Street = win.

  • Tedi Worrier

    At the time that you might have been (allegedly) eating pooh in the pool we probably couldn’t afford to get the film developed.
    Digital camersa have changed the world …. and done little for the makers of photographic film. … nor the thrill of anticipation when waiting for the chemist to get the photos back.

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