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Sky Go Boom

by on May.09, 2008, under The Rest

Thunderstorms always make me want to write. Then I think I have to put in as much effort as I did that other time and don’t gather the energy. However, I think that time was a special property of having been woken up at 4am, along with all of Bath.

Tonight’s was pretty spectacular. Pretty, and spectacular. I’ve been so spoilt by Bath, and each time I think, “I’ve never seen lightning this good!” but of course I have. In fact, I don’t think that storm has been beaten since, although this one was pretty good.

It’s easy to mock ancient man for his superstitions (cue a thousand people snorting and making a joke about Jesus), but what on Earth were you supposed to make of a thunderstorm? The sky is filled with these vicious streaks of terrifying purple, and then the entire world furiously roars all around you. I feel like I have a fairly decent understanding of what causes thunder, but it’s still a conscious effort to fight off feelings of it being something more than ionic discharge.

I wish I were capable of more eloquent commentary when watching lightning. Tonight I found myself sounding horribly like Alan Partridge in The Day Today, saying, “Shit! Did you see that?!” But it’s just so overhwhelming when the sky suddenly gets dissected by the madly jagged violet electricity, and I either gasp, or swear in amazement. I feel like I don’t have enough response inside me to adequately reply to the moment.

My overriding thought this evening, however, was how sad I am that I’m the only person I see standing outside, dripping wet, with my face pointed at the sky. I don’t understand why every able person doesn’t immediately walk out their front door to watch it. What better thing are you waiting to see happen? Yeah, you get wet – you’ve been wet before, and your house is just behind you for goodness sakes. I’m really the only one?

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  • DuBBle

    I stand soaked beside you, John :)

  • Iain "DDude" Dawson

    I wish I could join you. Firstly I didn’t see this storm, but mainly, the problem is that most people, often including myself, are too wrapped up in our own lives to spend time getting wet. We occasionally look on from behind windows, or don’t even bother to get up.

    Yet I still get what you mean about storms and lightning. I feel a similar way every time I go up in a plane. I get how these things work, but they are still marvellous. Wonder is a great thing.

    Thanks for providing links to the old words, they still read great, especially for those of us for whom they are new.

  • Del Boy

    I was sat through the storms, soaking wet, with a mate outside a disused monastery.

    Beat that for melodramatic…

  • sinister agent

    I have yet to see my first summer storm in my new home town. I’ve been looking forward to it quite eagerly for a couple of weeks now. There are few things I enjoy more than wandering out in a good storm after days of unbearably hot, dry weather.

    Bath was gorgeous when I went. I bet you are spoilt, you jammy sod.

  • Tedi Worrier

    Giraffes are most at risk from lightning … stand next to a giraffe in future