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Friday, Saturday

by on Apr.13, 2008, under The Rest

Well what a splendid time.

The day at 826 went very well, with an enormous amount of information given, and a lot of helpful people met. Ideas run apace, and I’m going to go quiet about them in public for a bit as I try to decide the right direction. As for the Pirate Store itself, I have lots of photos and will post about that when I get back.

Saturday was completely mine to do with as I wished. So I wished to do a quick bit of shopping (STILL BUY NOW! EVERYTHING STILL HALF OFF!) and then went to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Cardinals. Again the crazy cheap dollar made this a lot of fun, letting me get a fantastic seat for an amazingly reasonable price. I was sat 11 rows back from 1st base, and surrounded by some great people.

Because baseball fans aren’t barbarians, there’s no division of fans, so Cardinal fans were mixed in with the dominating Giants crowd, and were defiantly loud. In the end they were proved justified in their confidence. Despite going 5-0 up in the bottom of the 6th, the Giants managed to pee the game away through some abysmal pitching, This was doubly a shame, as opening pitcher Cain not only was hitless into the 7th, but also scored his career third home run. It was a doubly-fun underdog game with brand new player, John Bowker, getting a hit in his first Major League at bat, and then scoring a homer the next time he was up. How wonderful to get a standing ovation from such a massive crowd on your first day in the big leagues. It all got ugly as the Cards went 7-5 up, and then the Giants amazingly pulled it back to 7-7 in the bottom of the 9th. Some awful pitching let St. Louis go 8-7 up in the 10th, and the Giants couldn’t pull it back leaving two men stranded.

There – literally no one cares about that, but I told you anyway.

Also nice was chatting with the people around me, especially the superbly sarcastic and embittered Giants fan sat next to me, her mood collapsing along with the bullpen.

Then last night I went into full tourist mode and went to good-old Pier 39, said hello to the sea lions, and ate a proper, traditional American meal of burger and fries. Today, my plan is to visit the SF MOMA, but the reality will probably be sitting in coffee shops, fearful of getting to the airport on time.

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