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Pointless Lying Day

by on Apr.01, 2008, under Rants

I detest April Fool’s Day. It’s a vile and stupid tradition that essentially boils down to, “Telling Slightly Plausible Lies Day”, rendering all news sources utterly useless, and entirely contrary to their purpose.

“HA HA! I wrote something that could be true but isn’t, and YOU believed it!”

Yeah, er, well done. That’s lying. You’re a liar. Shut up and go away.

However, it seems I can be swayed by good CGI. Screw you, BBC, that’s quite good.

(I also don’t mind that the two decent cartoon sites (and Questionable Snoretent) have mucked their URLs about – that’s not lying, just being daft).

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  • The sister

    For Christmas I would like a flying penguin please Uncle John

    Lots of love, Wil. xxx

    ps. and some water skiing lessons.

  • Jae Armstrong

    I, on the other hand, am hugely pissed off about the url switching. This morning I had a blue screen, which somehow convinced firefox to eat my bookmarks. Restored them from backup, opened the webcomic folder and went into a half-hour panic trying to discover which piece of hardware had been fried.

    But yes. It’s *that* time of year again.

    Also, flying penguins = awesomesauce.