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Preview: Crayon Physics Deluxe

by on Jan.18, 2008, under The Rest

After a strange morning of my blog going mad, updating to the latest WordPress seems to have fixed that. So now I can tell you all about a new piece up on Eurogamer, discussing the completely lovely Crayon Physics Deluxe.

In my house we have a phrase. Well, in my house we have about four hundred phrases, including, “Mmmm-mmmm, so good”, “That light bulb had one day left ’til retirement”, and “Shotgun!” But today we’re discussing “PHYSICS!”

This phrase is shouted at specific moments, rather than some sort of Oxbridge version of Tourette’s. It’s when we drop something, or something falls over, or the cat falls off his elaborate cat tree. Anything that exhibits the properties of gravity will be met by this cheer. And why? Because physics are best. And that, in a big way, is why Crayon Physics Deluxe is looking so great.

Best comment so far:

“I tried the demo and found it charming but nothing more than a tech demo. And a simple one if that. Charm can only go so far.”

I tried some baked beans once, but they were only baked beans, which is a bit of a major failing I think.

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  • RodeoClown

    Your blog certainly did go mad – I got 15 posts in one go in my RSS thingy and thought “He’s gone and committed suicide, and blown the remnants of his life on posting more irrelevant crud that I keep reading in the vain hope that he will post something else on how good The Muppets were…”.
    But I don’t think that’s what actually happened, I did get a good read over some real old posts, about how you wrote an article on toilets in PC Gamer or something, and you wanted to go on holidays and discover the Templar’s treasure and that you didn’t knnow who was reading your blog, and that you found some samples of you on the radio.

    It was all a bit odd.

    Anyway, I hope you got your holiday!

    (And don’t kill yourself, that’d suck – although heaven would be awesome).

  • Tom

    Same thing here. I was all, “Man, he’s taking up cycling again? Didn’t he already do that? This is becoming a vicious ‘cycle’. Ha ha, I sure hope this doesn’t turn out to be the original post repeated in error, or I won’t be able to use that great pun I just thought of, except if I think of some way to crowbar it into some highly improbably thought-quote.”

  • Iain "DDude" Dawson

    Baked beans are unoriginal. You’d have though after all this time it would get boring, that without the suprise it wouldnt be as good… but it just is.

  • Tedi Worrier

    …. but I thought you liked them! Oh dear!

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