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Staying In Bath

by on Jan.14, 2008, under The Rest

When looking to stay somewhere in Bath, perhaps don’t stay here.

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  • Martin

    While I don’t claim that England has a decent service culture, you couldn’t really do worse than Bath in terms of tourist accommodation – the tiny size of the place versus its massive popularity ensures that the quality has to be absurdly low before the captive market looks elsewhere.

    Want chips with that, love?

  • Stuart White

    I have found Bath particularly tricky for good Hotels. Too many pander to American ideals of traditional British and others are typically the quality your link mentions. I thought that the holiday in express was ok, although it was brand new when i stayed there. The rooms at Milsoms are very nice indeed but the location can be noisy at night. Do you have any suggestions about where is good to stay?

  • Nick Mailer

    Do not stay in any hotel, per se, because the British do not, generally, know how to do them. Instead, find yourself a well reviewed, cosy B&B. It won’t be a bargain, and some of the amenities might not be up your street, but you’ll feel less alienated than at places like the ghastly “4 star” (haha) Menzies Waterside Hotel, Bath.

  • Tedi Worrier

    We stayed at The Francis … where the car stays in Bath is another matter altogether … people are easier to accomodate than cars in Bath.

  • NM

    One does not bring a car to Bath. One takes the train.