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Bishop Of Wales Bans Smiling

by on Dec.22, 2007, under The Rest

Need I have spoken any sooner?

This story on the BBC defies belief. The Arch Bishop of Wales has launched an attack on “atheiestic fundamentalism”, citing how these crazed atheists are… guess what. Banning Christmas, saying “Winterval”, and of course, banning Christmas cards from schools. In other words, he’s spouted all the tabloid bullshit as if it’s fact, and even moreso, as if it’s somehow an organised attack on Christians.

Bizarrely, bishops are getting better these days. All around the country I hear about appointments being made of respectable, theologically impressive figures who are passionate campaigners for the right issues. They’re not all good, but so many more are. And with loony lefty Rowan Williams at the top, and the best theologian ever, Tom Wright, in the Durham position, the wincing when bishops make comments has lessened. Until today.

As well as leading to Christmas being called “Winterval,” the archbishop said “virulent, almost irrational” attacks on Christianity led to hospitals removing all Christian symbols from their chapels, and schools refusing to allow children to send Christmas cards with a Christian message.

How can someone in such a high ranking position be willing to speak in public stating utter lies? Was his entire research for the speech spent reading the first two pages of the most vile tabloids, and then repeating it as fact?

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  • Tom

    What these news stories could really do with is a comment from Birmingham City Council on the intent behind the Winterval name and its relation to Christmas. Luckily, the BBC got one nine years ago and it’s still on their site:

    “Birmingham City Council wants people to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is the very heart of Winterval,” she said.

    “Far from not talking about Christmas the events within Winterval and the publicity material for it are covered in Christmas greetings and traditional images, including angels and carol singers.”

  • Nick Mailer

    Winterval was a perfectly good, honest idea with a bad name. It basically noticed that quite a few faiths and traditions have created sparkly festivals around this time of year (no surprise why) and wanted to create an encapsulating name for them. The Bishop, and the other idiots, don’t seem to realise that Winterval was a superset of Christmas, not an obliterator thereof.

  • John

    I can’t help but think I said that two posts below.