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No Signal

by on Dec.19, 2007, under The Rest

It seems I left my mobile phone on the train, at Bath.

Ringing it, I get voicemail, so I can only assume someone has generously taken the sim out, and kept it as a gift for themselves, rather than looked up my home number and offered to post it to me. So that’s a shame.

Meanwhile, if you’re lucky enough to have my number, don’t ring it. It will be futile. Call the landline (email if you need it), and I’ll hopefully sort something out later today. Fortunately, I have a spare phone with all my contacts on it, which is very lucky. But not the sim, so I might lose my number. Boo.

And that’s all the weather. Holiday pics to come.

EDIT: My number remains the same, and you can call me now. You know, if you have my number. And need to call me.

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  • Cradok

    You won’t loose your number. Give your provider a call, have them block the sim and handset, then just get a new sim.