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Choose Your Own Dementia

by on Oct.04, 2007, under The Rest

I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to go A-Beautiful-Mind-style crazy.

Not that I’d like to, because it seems an awful lot of effort, but were I to, which way I’d like the mad to go. I think it’s something we all need to decide, before our brilliant brains go off the deep end.

So I’ve got it down to two schizophrenic flourishes.

A) I start to see patterns and clues in the 20-digit codes used for unlocking software on PC. The letters and numbers are not arbitrary as you might immediately think, but in fact messages for me, so I know what it is I am to do. YU00-MU5T-K11L-7H3M-4LLL.

B) As you walk around any town, you’ll see shop names and pub signs with letters missing. People might normally assume these to have been stolent by students on pranks, or simply to have fallen off or broken. But in fact I will recognise that these missing letters spell out important messages that I must decipher and interpret, in order that I can prevent the New World Order from taking over.

So, how you would like to go?

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