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Set Your TiFaux

by on Sep.04, 2007, under The Rest

Pretty much the only TV blog I read is TiFaux. The afternoon news headlines by Dan are an excellent way of keeping up to date, then the whole team post regular articles on what they’re watching, and being madly wrong about Studio 60 and thinking Top Chef is better than Hell’s Kitchen. Every now and then I’ve left a comment, which excitingly qualifies me as one of their regulars, whom they’re currently profiling.

So this is all about me, which is obviously a great thing.

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  • Steve W

    Ha, most odd. I briefly had that place bookmarked a while back; never realised you were a regular commenter. Other useful sites for US TV news are TV Squad ( ) and even the “Coaxial” section of Ain’t It Cool News, which despite somehow being even more shoddily-written than the rest of that site, does often come up with the goods when it comes to the latest info.

  • John

    I can’t read AICN because it makes me kill innnocents. And TV Squad updates too often. I like quiet blogs.

  • Tedi Worrier

    It’s a different world. isn’t it?! … a whole new language