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Rock, Paper, Shotgun – Ken Levine Interview

by on Aug.20, 2007, under The Rest

Exciting news-o-rama!


A brand new blog launches today, written by some of the finest minded (and finest looking) games journalists in the business. Called Rock, Paper, Shotgun, it’s the collective work of Kieron Gillen, Jim Rossignol, Alec Meer, and me, hello. It’s a PC gaming blog, covering everything to do with PC games, ever.

There’s a good month’s worth of content up there already to peruse, and most excitingly, an exclusive interview with Bioshock’s Ken Levine posted today.

Bookmark it, RSS to it, marry it. It’s a big, new, and exciting thing that will be updated every day with comment and thoughts on PC gaming news, games and esoterica.

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