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Dexter: Emasculated

by on Jul.03, 2007, under Photos

One day in every kitten’s life, a boy must become a eunuch.

Poor old Dex. Only ever blessed with one outside testicle, the other has stayed determinedly indoors. Thought to be either in his abdomen or his groin, it turned out to be both, stuck just after passing from one to the other. Which meant the poor bugger got two incisions, and the biggest bill possible.

Now he mopes. He mopes in his castle, and he mopes in his kitten house.

The king is tired.

And most weirdly, he moped inside the crappy old couch, after finding a rip in the material underneath. And he mopes on Craig’s bed, where he literally licks his wounds in the most peculiar sitting position.

do not want

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  • KBKarma


    That last one could be easily captioned and sent into I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER or lolcats or something.

    I feel your pain, Dexter, while simultaneously having never experienced what you went through, and never planning to do so.

  • Mark H Wilkinson

    Ah, yes, the wonderful world of cat repairs. No matter how expensive you think it’ll be, it turns out to be more. And, if the moggie in question is disinclined to be handled into a carrier, there’s the added bonus of bandaging your own wounds (last time I had to aid in such a capture, the result left my left hand so swollen that I couldn’t make a fist; happy days).

  • John

    Dexter is so deeply dumb when it comes to the carrier. It’s only ever been used in association with the vet, and yet every time we go I open the door, sit it down in front of him, and he trots in and sits down.

    He’s even been found climbing in it in his own time.

  • Martin Coxall

    Can you macro ‘YOU WANNA PIECE O’ ME?’ or similar onto that third pic?

  • KBKarma

    John, maybe he’s just resigned to the fact that, whether or not he wants to, he’s getting in and going to the vet.

    He’s a stoic cat.

  • Tedi Worrier

    Soon word will get out to all the lady-cats around that he has limited conversation ….all he talks about is his operation