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Pirate Master

by on May.14, 2007, under The Rest

TV reaches its absolute zenith this summer.


It can only go downhill from here.

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  • steph

    Following the links from that page, my pirate name came out as Iron Ethel Read. How bizarre…

    With regards to amusing pirating related adventures, I’d recommend wandering into your local video rental store with a few friends, all dressed as pirates and ask the poor underpaid teenager behind the till if it would be possible to rent Hook. They tend to look a little unsure of how to respond…

  • Lu-Tze

    My stag do theme was Pirates vs Ninjas. Nothing like a swarm of young men dressed as Pirates and Ninjas singing Bohemian Rhapsody to make people seriously question their sanity.

  • The_B

    I’ve seen porn with better titles than that!

  • Mike Jennings

    Good god. That looks amazing. Hopefully someone will pick it up and show it over here.

  • Simon Kaye

    I’m Calico Sam Kidd. Apparently. Show looks to be the ‘nads.