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by on May.04, 2007, under The Rest

I’ve come over all multimedia.

PC Gamer have officially launched their shiny new podcast, the first episode featuring cuddly little me. It’s remarkably fun. I fear that I might be a bit boring. (And in the game).

And I appear very briefly in the latest EGTV, sounding remarkably positive about a game for which I feel only apathy. Editing, eh?

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  • The_B

    You do realise you’ve now completely destroyed the voice in my head when I usually read your stuff?

    For the better, but I still mourn for the loss of Imagi-John.

  • The_B

    And on a slightly more serious note – it really is quite good – especially the insight into your addiction feature – I look forward to reading it.

  • bob_arctor


  • DuBBle

    Dear John,
    Please find enclosed ONE LAUGH in response to your spreadsheet joke.

  • Fat Zombie

    Your voice is more… nasal than I imagined. Strange. And Tim’s voice is too deep. You should switch voices, that would be much better.