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Slither Link News

by on Apr.14, 2007, under The Rest

Every now and then my job affords me the opportunity to promote a great game that no one’s heard of. Thanks to Stu forcing me to play it, one recently was Slither Link. It’s the first game I’ve ever given 10/10 in nine years of the job (I’ve only ever given two games 90% or higher, and one of those was, well, let’s not talk about it – it was eight years ago). And now, having a look at Play Asia’s DS front page, I see that the formerly obscure, unknown game is now on their “bestsellers” list.

I feel proud.

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  • James Lyon

    It’s nice to think you can influence the public positively with words. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the results. Don’t let it go to your head, man.

    What was the other 90%er? I won’t ask about the other – I think I can guess.

  • John

    Neverwinter Nights 2. And I’m still right about that.

  • Mike

    So I’m almost done on the Medium puzzles, about 4-5 minutes on each one. There are a couple that completely elude me though, no matter how many times I try.

    What surprised me was how subconsciously the rules build up. Not as obviously as when playing a game with ‘real’ connotations, like C&C. Things just happen. I sweep a new puzzle and when I look up again there’s a whole bunch of lines there. I have no idea where they came from half the time.

    It’s great stuff, though. But I doubt there’ll be a release. It’s funny that the DS hasn’t been used for more things like this. Just bad Sudoku repeats.