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by on Apr.10, 2007, under The Rest

It seems important to note that Tim O’Reilly and Jimmy Wales are the two most repulsive, fetid vomit-chunks spewed from the rancid, rotting arse of Beelzebub, and I hope their homes are filled with the faeces of ten thousand choleraic horses.

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  • Anonymous

    “Unacceptable is defined as content that is used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten others; is libellous or misrepresentative; or infringes copyright, confidentiality or privacy rights. Anonymous postings are also to be removed, with every comment requiring a recognised email address, even if posts are made under pseudonyms”

    Walker, you twatty, abuse-worthy gitmong. I’m watching you through my binoculars as I type, and am so disgusted by what I see that I may have to threaten you and your cat with my snake-whip. I know that you fiddle with kiddies and feed them sherry at elevenses every day. As Phil Collins wrote:

    “I never ever did believe in a second chance
    You get, just one crack of the whip, that’s all
    If you played the game, you got treated right
    Oh but I’m not playing the game, no more”

    I know exactly where you live in Bath, so don’t try to hide from My Justice.

  • Civility Coxall

    I think you should know that I know Anonymous, and he’s a right testicle, and no mistaking.

  • John

    Look, I’m against censorship and all, but quoting Phil Collins is crossing a line.

  • Graham

    I know where you live, John Walker, and I’m coming for you.

    In a little over an hour.

  • Tedi Worrier

    …and right…or even a left for that matter … testicle has at least some reason for being…. in this case je ne vois pas la necessite.

    playing with traffic springs to mind.