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How To Be A Complete Bastard

by on Mar.27, 2007, under The Rest

Griefers are much maligned. Condemned as the playground bullies of the online world, they are in fact masters of innovation.

Sure, there’s the sort of git who mindlessly crashes an online funeral, but what about the guy who figures out a way to ninja-style-kill a Battlefield pilot in midair? For every knob who spawn-camps, there’s another who is healing the enemy when no one’s looking. These are the anarchists of gaming, taking the ingredients they’re given and making a cake no one was expecting. Jealous? You should be. So why not begin your career of adding imagination to multiplayer gaming today?

PC Gamer has a website now, which reprints various content from the magazine into this place they call “the internet”. And on it, it seems, is a feature I wrote for the current issue, as a sort of how-to guide for being naughty in games.

I strongly recommend installing both an ad blocker and a flash blocker before you visit the site, as it will otherwise destroy your browser with its, er, design. But then I strongly recommend installing those for reading the internet anyway.

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  • Rossignol

    The strength of your recommendations is so manly.

  • DuBBle

    I should reject the opiates you opine, but that feature was fab. I’ve since tried negotiating with terrorists on CS, but found myself hindered by the language barrier: English to Mollusc. I view online gaming as an opportunity to commence in some social observation, often acting like a total bastard produces unexpected and hilarious insights into the human psyche. Do you think we are obliged to develop alter-egos when veneered by our avatars?

  • pharoahe_monch

    what’s up with the PCG website, anyway? it really does crash my latest firefox browser rather quickly. do you know the reason, john?

  • John

    Block the flash and ads, dippy.

  • Tedi Worrier

    so, let us sit back while you tell us how

  • John

    Or you could ask the internet.

    Click Tools, Addons, then browse for them.

  • Tedi Worrier

    will anything ever work again ((gasp))) ?

  • Kieron Gillen

    On my old PC, if i opened more than one tab with the C&VG site, my computer bluescreened.

    Future’s website designers really are something.