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by on Mar.26, 2007, under The Rest

Hooray! My prediction is beginning to prove true.

“The BBC has defended it decision to film its Songs of Praise Easter special in November.”

Everything on television is a lie – that’s the mantra. Even your goodly, godly Songs of Praise. And as a consequence of the premium rate phone-in debacle, it’s going to be all the rage to reveal it for a while. Soon enough it will fade away, and TV Land will go back to its usual ways. It doesn’t have any choice, of course – it couldn’t exist without it. Songs of Praise has to record two editions at once, months in advance, to save money. It’s a lot cheaper to change the flowers in the church than roll out the OB rig a second week.

Fun fun fun.

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  • Steve W

    Doesn’t this smack of desperation somewhat? I truly don’t understand the furore behind this one. This is standard practice in the industry, and has been for years. Completely transparently. Come on meeja, I’m sure you can come up with [manufacture] better examples of wrongdoing than this pathetic non-story.


  • Tedi Worrier

    you’ll be telling us next that all 5 episodes of Countdown are recorded in one afternoon, when we all know it is live TV … look how Our Carol’s frocks change … stands to reason, huh? … mind you, a new frock every day! – no wonder she has to sell loans