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Baddy Cat

by on Mar.14, 2007, under The Rest

There are a few cats in our neighbourhood that stalk down the front path to our house. And peculiarly, each of them is monstrously fat. And this isn’t just in comparison with the 17 week old kitten that’s currenly sprawled like an idiot between my arms, head upside down, paw draped across his face, but in comparison with, say, articulated lorries. There’s one in particular, black and white, that seems to have developed a strange interest in Dex.

On their first encounter Dex ran into my room meowing furiously, demanding I go with him. I found him in the front hall, back arched, ears folded back on his head. Looking through the front door I saw this great lump of catfat staring angrily at the gap. So the two of us ganged up, and Dex, checking I was still there over his shoulder, bravely saw him off (it had nothing to do with my making threatening gestures behind Dex’s back).

This morning the Cat in the Fat came back. And this time Dex was much more brave. And even braver still when he saw Craig and me stood behind him. The encounter lasted quite a while, with lots of nervous steps forward from both parties, and Dexter pressing himself low to the ground, ears pressed back, looking as though he would tear Fatty limb from fur – but then chickening out the moment he got anywhere near. Then, inspired by the enemy cat’s movement away when Craig stepped toward it, Dex took the initiative and ran at it, chasing the lumbering behemoth out of the garden.

Dexter the Hero!

Watch out for its gravitational pull!

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