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Where Have You Been All My Week?

by on Mar.13, 2007, under The Rest

Why no updates for so long?

Because I’ve had nothing to say.

I could go on about how fantastic BSG has been. Or talk about how clever House has become, focusing on seeing how appalling he can be and yet still have our whole-hearted support. Or write about The Sarah Silverman Program, and what a complete joy of offensiveness it was from start to finish. But that would just be going on about TV some more.

Interesting things that have happened to me? Well, I don’t share that with you, do I? I went back to Farleigh Hungerford Castle last weekend, this time with my parents who had come to stay. This time it was open so I got to peek around. So that was nice.

Rages against mankind? I nearly massacred the entire population of Waitrose the other day. But we’ve done that before.


Also, I’ve been stupidly busy.

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