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  • wiper

    For some reason the game sounds an awful lot like Trespasser to me. Terrible combat? Stacking/moving things to traverse the landscape? Surprisingly good graphics? Sounds just like it.

    Albeit with less dinosaurs and missing the *amazing* extend-o-arm and breast-meter. So, less good then.

    Colour me unimpressed.

  • Tim R

    Fewer dinosaurs, surely? You don’t want to incur the wrath of the grammar police.

  • John

    His decision to be unimpressed without playing it gathers more ire.

  • Tim R

    Fair enough. Crush him!

  • DuBBle

    Having lost days to CS:Source – Zombiemod recently, I fully endorse the shifting of objects from one point to another. Surreptitiously, I hate Source for its glitchy tendency to lodge my person within vending machines. Hopefully Penumbra Overture will prove itself apt in plotting the location of both object and manipulator.