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Cats And Taxes

by on Jan.31, 2007, under The Rest

Back from America, settled into the new house, broadband running (although not yet at full speed), and this afternoon we might well be getting a kitten. Could life be better?

Well, it could be, obviously. I could have spent my week doing something other than filling in taxes and all the accompanying anxiety. Or I could have less work that I’m behind on. Or I could not have yet another stupid head cold, thanks to my snot-filled nephew. (Although I can’t get cross with him, because he’s so ridiculously cute, especially after I took him upstairs to outside Graham’s bedroom door, and he obligingly screamed for a bit to wake him up (it was 1pm, in my and Wil’s defense)).

But then, kitten! Kitten! Tiny little bundle of fluffcute. That’s if we get it. It might be a disgusting, mutant creature, intent on our grisly deaths, or worse, one of those awful blue cats with the smug faces. Expect to see photos should it fail to disappoint. Expect to see 3900 photos now Craig’s got his new camera.

(Of course, should we not get the cat, then we’ll have the no pussy blues – This joke (c) Graham Smith)

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  • KBKarma

    Kittens… The most evil creatures alive.

    Good luck, and keep well-armed. They’ll strike when you least expect it.

    And congrats on the broadband! Just make sure the EVIL kittens are nowhere near the wires. ANY of the wires.

  • Willem100

    Hurrah for kittens and No Pussy Blues.