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An Explanation

by on Jan.25, 2007, under The Rest

So, since moving house I’ve had no broadband, and dial-up’s too painful to blog with. Especially when I can’t read the internet all day long. But now I’m in Washington DC, awake at 5.30am, writing this on my DS. The good news is when I get back I’ll have the fastest internet in the world.

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  • The_B

    Is that like, SuperInternet or something?

  • Mark H Wilkinson

    No, it’s Hypernet.

  • Graham

    It’s a Local Loop Unbundled service, which means the ISP isn’t being held to ransom by BT and can offer a 24Mbit connection with no bandwidth cap for only £24 a month.

    It should be connected sometime later today, and if you think I’m not sitting here refreshing the connection status page every 20 minutes then you’ve got too much faith in me.

  • Graham

    “Your line is activated. You should now be able to enjoy ludicrosly fast Be broadband.”

    I’m thrilled, but ludicrosly? They’re missing a letter, and I’m not sure you want to describe your service with a synonym for foolish.

    Internet downloading, activate!

  • The_B

    If I ever launched an internet service, I’d provide a big fancy light show with fireworks and a big broadyway musical number annoucing the customer was connected.

    Of course, I’d probably only get one customer before my company went bankrupt, but otherwise the plan is sound.

  • Mike Jennings

    24mb? Holy mother of god.

    I want.

  • Steve W

    “24mb? Holy mother of god. I want.”

    You should Be (!) careful not to expect too quick a connection with them; the speed you will see depends very much upon your proximity to the local exchange. I’m told, for example, that a kilometre distance may give you speeds of about 14mb. should tell you how close you are.

    No provider has as yet enabled my local exchange, though Sky and Be are currently in a race to do so. No matter, I’m only 300 yards distant, so should get the full benefit once they get around to it.