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Death To Spam

by on Jan.03, 2007, under The Rest

Spam comments have been picking up again of late, so much so that even if anyone were to genuinely mean, “This post is on target, keep it up,” I’d delete it without pause.

But hopefully that will now be thwarted with the human checkeriser I’ve just installed. It should now ask for a code before it will let you post a comment. If anyone has any problems, give it a test. I’m even going to switch off the comment authorisation, so if you’re one of those people who seems to constantly change their IP or email details each time they post, it should let you through straight away.

Hey, give it a go.

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  • Pope Gregory IX

    Death to spam.

    Additionally, I just remembered that Scrubs’ entire fifth season was broadcast in 2006; wave goodbye to the justification for leaving it out of your Top Ten list.

  • John

    Oh good grief, you’re right, your holiness. Fixing.

  • Mark H Wilkinson

    There is a house in New Orleans
    They call the Rising Sun.
    And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy.
    Especially those stuck in the basement when the floods came.

  • The_B

    See, I wrote a comment yesterday from home under that there TV shows post, but it’s not appeared.

    Now I’m back at my Uni accomodation I’ve changed IP again. So hopefully this will work.

    Also, agreeing with you on the spam thing. I’m rather disturbed now that my Spam Counter eatery thing is telling me nearly a thousand spams have been eaten. And I’ve only had it installed about two months.

  • The_B

    Note to self: With new system, don’t forget to actually put the damn number code in…

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