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Top 1 Films Of The Year

by on Dec.31, 2006, under The Rest

1. Good Night, And Good Luck

Clooney is too good for people to feel comfortable recognising quite how good he is. Everyone seems to think that they should be careful not to make a mistake and credit someone so mainstream and popular. But he’s without doubt one of the finest actors to have lived, and rapidly becoming one of the best directors working today. Good Night, And Good Luck is astonishingly good, deeply subtle and exquisitely performed.

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  • Mark H Wilkinson

    Yes. Actually, yes.

  • km

    I agree and I’m interested in seeing The Good German, too.

  • John

    The Good German isn’t out until next year here. I have a strong feeling it will be appearing here in a year’s time.

  • Tombadil

    Regarding Clooney, I had a proper, “hang on, he’s quite good actually,” moment with him around about the time of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, although that was mainly because it was a film that did “cool” very well and I sort of half-fancy Sam Rockwell. Clooney’s wonderful though – his timing and delivery throughout Intolerable Cruelty is stand-out stuff, and once I’d seen O Brother, Where Art Thou? I knew it was more than a series of excellent flukes. Since then I look for him more than most – Syriana being the thing that held my attention most recently.

    Best of all, I haven’t even seen the one you’re on about. Hurrah.

  • Tombadil

    (Also, you’ve gotta be impressed at how I handled those italics.)

  • John

    Confessions was brilliant, especially Clooney’s directorial gags, like the lift-ding and lightbulb above head moment when he comes up with Blind Date.

    I super-dooper recommend Soderbergh’s remake of Solaris – Clooney is astonishingly good in that.

  • afray

    Solaris is excellent, one of my favourite films of the last few years. Indeed Clooney is great in that, although my favourite performance of his has to be O Brother.

  • pharoahe_monch

    good night is a fine work indeed, but i think john’s not watching much films in 2006 took a toll in naming this the best movie of 2006. it’s just not the best.