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Fox Show Sense Shocker

by on Nov.20, 2006, under The Rest

In an extraordinary, and entirely out of character display of common sense, Fox are ditching both the O.J. interview and book. We shall never find out how O.J. would have murdered his victims if he’d murdered them and if they’d been his victims. And hopefully the good news will continue, and he’ll catch on fire.

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  • Nick Mailer

    It’s hardly an odd reaction: all that Murdoch cares about is cash. And, in this case, the unified revulsion could well have led to a substantial cash-leakage, and a damage to his brand(s) in a way that would have made the reaction to the Sun’s Hillsborough reportage seem mild.

  • Steve W

    The crunch probably came when Bill O’Reilly came out strongly against the interview. When that odious loon ends up looking like the man of principle, perhaps even Fox have to admit they’ve made a misjudgement.

    I’m genuinely confused as to The Juice’s stance here. Was he in fact trying to say, “it can’t have been me; I’d have done it like this,” or was it more of a blatant admission that he did do the deed (“here’s how I did it, only I didn’t, wink wink nudge nudge, say no more”)?

    To be honest, both options leave me pretty much flabbergasted.

  • NM

    It was a confession of how he did it (having seen one or two extracts). He wanted the cash, and realised that, with double jeopardy and the skillful use of the subjunctive, he could get away with revealing that which would provide the greatest enrichment: the truth.